Friday, December 28, 2007

Some Holiday Cheer

While everyone is enjoying the new toys that Santa brought them, I took some time to reflect back on a present that I really wish was under the fireplace. Take a look at around a minute until a bit past the finish line to see what eluded me, ultimately causing jolly ol' St. Nick to leave me a lump of coal (hint: listen carefully, the audio is just as important to this little story).

WARNING: this video contains language that may not be suitable for children or those with weak constitutions.

Hey, there's always next year, right?  Enjoy your holidays!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007


happy holidays!!! i can hardly believe xmas is now behind us and we are almost into 2008. this just means that we'll be autoxing soon!

i've been logging some serious miles in the s2k and testing my wet/frozen weather car control. still on summer tires!

here are some shots i snapped this weekend at camp woozy to beat the winter blues. too bad we can't capture the wonderful ferrari sound in a still image.

have a great one!


Monday, December 24, 2007

For Sale: Tein Super Racing Coilovers

I've got a set of Tein Super Racing coilovers for sale that just came off my evo. Nothing is wrong with these, simply moving to a different setup.

These helped get me BSP class wins at 3 SCCA National level events in 2007 (Devens National Tour, DC ProSolo & Romulus ProSolo) as well as numerous regional class wins, top PAX and FTD. Spring rates that come with the dampers are 12kg/mm front and 16kg/mm rear. The stock 10kg/mm rear springs are also included. I can also provide ride heights, alignment, rebound & compression settings as well as tire pressure (if you happen to be running 285/30-18 V710's).

Everything Tein supplies is included: dampers, damping adjustment tool, coilover wrenches, camber bolts, camber offset bushings, instructions and even the stickers. Also included is an extra set of 16kg/mm rear springs.

The dampers have approx 12k miles on them and show no signs of leakage. These have never seen snow and rarely rain.

Features include: spring preload and ride height are independently adjustable, separate rebound & compression settings, camber/caster front "camber" plates, pillowball bushings front and rear, external reservoirs on rear dampers, camber is adjustable via offset bushings on the lower mount and the upper camber plates.

Here's a couple links to Tein's website:

Asking Price $2200 SHIPPED This includes shipping via UPS Ground and the extra set of rear 16kg/mm Tein springs. Parts are ready to be shipped now.Payment is accepted as cash (in person) or USPS Money Orders. I will consider personal checks but the parts will NOT be shipped until the check clears. For more pics or info shoot me an email at


Wednesday, December 19, 2007

new ride

here are a couple shots of the new (used) s2k.. it was too well kept to pass up... only 24k miles on an '01!! the hardtop sweetened the deal for me. i love the look and functionalilty. maybe it'll get a couple xmas presents once the sti is gone.. strictly autox related of course!

4 cars at my house.. my neighbors must hate me! ek civic, sti, 2.5rs and now this.. the sti and ek will eventually be gone.. hondas and subies.. love em!

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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

on track

Announcing the next running of the OTK IRONMAN on Wednesday, December 19, 2007. 100 laps in the opposite direction! Only $90 per person ($40 non-refundable deposit required). Call or stop-by the track to reserve your spot today!

call for more info
(203) 626-0464

Saturday, December 8, 2007

video setup

thought i'd share my setup for internal/external videos:

  • sony dcr-hc32 minidv camcorder (to record)
  • hoyttech lipstick camera
  • external mic
  • chasecam triple suction cup mount

minidv camcorder- i use a sony dcr-hc32 camcorder. touchscreen, remote.. it was relatively cheap and has worked flawlessly. they also sell solid state devices to record to which may be easier to deal with. i just never looked into it since i wanted the flexibilty have using the camcorder for other applications.

lipstick cam- i got mine from (same sony camera that chasecam sells at a better price). It's a 580 line camera.. here's the direct link: click me

external mic (stereo)- click me

that's it.. simple and easy to use. now to figure out how to get a PIP footwell shot.. maybe something we'll work on for '08. a little creativity with ductape may be the answer!

hope this helps,

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

sti for sale!

i'm sad to say the time has come. i will probably regret this, but i'm putting the sti up for sale and i want to see it go to a good home.

you've seen the pictures, you've seen the video.. here are the details:

2005 STi. 42k miles currently on the odo.

i had to order this car from japan (an agonizing wait) since white is a highly desirable color. engine was properly broken-in. mobil 1 synthetic oil and factory filters used every 3k miles after. services done at dealer(northcoast subaru in glen cove, ny). they know me well!

i've spent a lot of time dialing in the handling of this car and the results show. the front grip and turn-in is awesome. great steady state balance, kickass in the slaloms. you can throttle steer it, pitch it into corners, drift it... it handles beautifully. this car is consistently at the top in the right hands. i will supply shock and tire pressure settings to the buyer if you're an autoxer.

tein flex coilovers. 10kg/mm springs all around.
whiteline camber bolts.
whiteline 27/29mm front sway bar
whiteline adjustable rear sway bar.
kartboy endlinks front and rear

goodridge stainless steel lines
ate super blue fluid
hawk hps brake pads all around
front brake rotors replaced recently.

helix catted downpipe
spt catback
cobb accessport with custom maps. pdx stage 2 + 100 octane STU map.

this car makes sick power with either map.

3 sets of wheels:
stock silver bbs unmounted (also have re070 with decent tread left unmounted)
17x9 5zigen fno1rc (black with polished lip) with end of life advan neovas.
17x8 rota boost (gunmetal) with nokian WR all-season snow rated tires- badass in snow. great in dry.

factory short shift option
compass/autodimming mirror
factory lamco boost gauge
recaro speed driver's seat
jazzy engineering ipod adaptor
anti-theft security enhancements(i'll explain to buyer)

rally armor mudflaps
holunfie stickers (+10hp)

tein 8kg/mm springs (pair)
strano 32mm front bar
factory rear sway bar
stock driver's seat
stock suspension
couple sets of track pads. ferodo ds3000, hawk ht-10

serious buyers only please. i guarantee that you will have a shit-eating grin on your face after a test drive. there is nothing to touch on this car to make it competitive for STU. if you want more comfort over the winter, put in the stock suspension like i have. the teins have never seen snow/salt.

kbb value on this car is $23k stock. i will let this go for $24k FIRM with ALL of the goodies. i believe that is more than fair. shoot me an email if you're interested.

PLEASE- no flakers or tire kickers.. serious buyers only!

what's next for me? most likely an s2k while i patiently wait for used exige prices to fall. rwd is calling me.


Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Grant Sheffield Winchester

I'll tell you what, the 2nd time around childbirth was definitely a more relaxed experience. It's alot more enjoyable being "in the moment" than being caught up in your own fears. Nature does it's thing pretty damn well. With that said the 24th finally came and Diane gave birth to our 2nd son, Grant Sheffield Winchester. Everything went according to plan and the little guy was born at 9:25 am, 7lbs 9oz, 21 1/4" long. Check out the pics!

For the 2nd time in a row Diane and I had a great experience here. The Women's Care Center (maternity ward) is full of great nurses.

Mommy and Daddy ready and waiting!
The might look like I'm goofing off here, but this is one of the most intense times life can deliver. Right now Diane is getting anesthesia and being prepped for surgery. This is the longest 20 minutes of your life! Turns out it's a great time to say a prayer or two.
Turned out to be a crisp, clear fall day.

Here's the man!

Words fail me.
Made it outside just in time for a sunset skyline shot of Bridgeport.
Gabe has been handling his new duties as Big Brother quite well. He hooks up Mommy with fresh diapers for Grant. Uncle Tommy also taught him some new spitball skills at the hospital, watch out this kid has accuracy!
Mooommmmmyyyyy I want num-nums!
Ready for his first car ride home! Daddy drove like an old granny.

This is our favorite part, nothing like taking your children home.

Gabe was a huge help getting Grant out of his car seat.

So everyone is now home and adjusting to Grant's presence. Mommy is recovering well, Grant is definitely getting his poop on and Gabe is still a 2 yr old if you know what I mean.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

My Pine Barrens Express Experience

This is my third year running the PBX, but first year driving. Always good fun driving or co-driving. My co-driver Jon did quite well considering it was his first TSD road rally, and the scores from the first leg of the rally showed that. We were 8th overall (including classes allowing rally computers), but the second leg we managed to get lost pretty bad a couple times (I blame myself!). This video shows the rather problematic sections for us, but it makes for good video. Pardon the bad video/sound quality.

-Chris S.

Monday, November 19, 2007

pbx rally

here's a few minutes of what was 5 hours in the woods this past saturday..

unfortunately, i didn't capture the best action on tape.. the 1st tape ran out while we were pitching the car sideways on some WRC like twisties!

the 2.5rs is amazing.. so well balanced in the dirt. stable and inspiring. subaru really knows how to build a fun to drive car.


Sunday, November 4, 2007

It's Silly Season and time for Research!!!!!

So whenever it approaches winter time I get this big itch to do some research and spend money. This year is a hard look at suspension and effects on roll center with changes in ride height or whatever I can figure out. Included in that is the possibility of running 10" wheels all around.

chrisw on evom supplied the following kick ass link on why you should run wide wheels with wide tires:

Steve @ ZZYZX has also posted some great reference info on his site too:

Read on and learn you some geeky stuff.


Monday, October 29, 2007

i see red

team woozy acquired a new toy recently. i had to put up a few pics to share the beauty...

there are talks of a 911 turbo vs modena autox shootout! the pcar may win a drag race but i think the ferrari may have the autox edge.. only one way to find out!



DANGSR's sequence of GJ from saturday's NYR event. i wish someone captured my drift on camera!


Saturday, October 27, 2007


thoughts on left-foot braking by the man himself..

colin showing other rally driving techniques here

apply them all at the pbx rally in the pinebarrens of new jersey on saturday november 17th! more info at the rvscc site

hope to see you there!


Monday, October 22, 2007

dirt action

char and i thrashed the rallymobile a bit this sunday on some toasted blizzaks.. thanks philly scca for a sweet event!

clay to dirt transistion

the playground

coming off the banking

some pendulum action

the launch

char getting it a sideways

Thursday, October 4, 2007

who doesn't love Street Mod??

Taking a page out of the Axis book, here's a cool video of various SM cars at Nationals this year.

The Sias car is still badass. Mark has NO aero. Almost every car lifts the inside rear. I would think more drivers would be tighter to some of the cones, maybe it's the viewpoint or the fact that I never saw the actual course. Oh, and the fabulous dorifto is Tage Evanson in an EX Showcase car.

Direct Link:

-Jay (still upset he couldn't go to Nats...waa waa)

Sunday, September 30, 2007

moldy bread

So Dan has been telling me that our readers would like to see some new content. I get it, I think the page has been stale myself.

As for the lack of content I think Dan has been cycling quite a bit and actually has a girlfriend. Uh-oh, is he gonna fall off? I've been busy as hell with the new job and Diane is getting ready to pop with boy #2. :)

Here's a peek into some new topics I'd like to write about.

I know Charith still wants to see my home alignment how-to, maybe we'll get his car in the garage for pics.

I've also been on the hunt for some old results and pics from back in '99, '00 and '01. These were very much the formative years of what have turned out to be the long lasting friendships and rivalries of holunfie. I think it will be nice to show where we came from, cause it sure as hell wasn't 300+ hp AWD rally cars. Here's a sneak peek...icky body roll, stock tires and loaner helmets!...yuck

Dan and I are talking about a codrive situation in my bsp evo for next year. The both of us are continually looking at ways to improve our driving and get to the point our old benchmarks are at now. If this happens look for some awesome content next season. Think technical. I'd love to have 2 cameras taping both of us, datalogging runs and comparing driving. Logging tire temps, G's, run count, and weather to try and get a real world correlation for grip levels and heat range as well as grip levels over the life of a tire. Does spraying tires heat cycle them to death? This is some stuff I'd like to know and we'd like to share it.
Anatomy of a BSP build might make it too. I've got lots of pics and data from the development and actual build of the evo. This would probably be pretty interesting for you evo owners.

If anyone has a topic they'd like to read about simply post a comment.
Now onto the cool multimedia content. NYR's Bo (of Setup fame) has put some time into making a nice video from our last regional event at Nassau. There's quite a few people tearing up a slalom mid way through the course. You'll def recognize a few names in here. Find out who's tidy and who's not:

You can also check out more videos at his youtube page here:

Saturday, September 29, 2007

2007 ProSolo Finale & Solo Nationals!

So I was really hoping to attend these events this year, life gets in the way sometimes.

Anyway here's the update on who placed where in the holunfie friends and family network.

ProSolo Finale
Chris Carris - Trophied 2nd
Jeff Hurst - Trophied 3rd
GJ Dixon - 5th
Joe Austin - 7th
Keith Casey - Trophied 5th
Corey Ridgick - 1st
Mark Daddio - 1st
Diana Carris - Trophied 5th

Solo Nationals
Jeff Hurst - 49th
Chris Carris - Trophied 11th
Diane Carris - Kicked Ass! Trophied 3rd
Lisa Frankel - 10th
GJ Dixon - coned it away....Trophied 2nd
Chris Chang - 16th
Mark Valera - 17th
Joe "the new Chang" Austin - 18th
Stephanie Chang - Trophied 2nd
Keith Casey - 15th
Corey Ridgick - Trophied 5th
Anthony Defiore - 36th
Sho Torii - 24th
Keiko Tsuzuro - 7th
Mark Daddio - 1st
Chris Travis - Trophied 4th
Nelson Antunes - Trophied 6th

Congrats go out to Mark Daddio for collecting the ProSolo and Solo Championships (Junior and Strano did too!). I don't know any of the real stories but watching results I was very impressed with the Carris'. Chris' push on his last runs to get up to 2nd at the Finale was total perserverance. Chris also got to knock out Mark 1st round in the Challenge! Sorry Mark, it's just more fun rooting for the underdog! Diana's 3rd place at Nats was only .25 sec out of 1st and must have been heart breaking after holding 1st place on day 1. That's the kind of loss that makes the fire inside burn hot, I've got a feeling this will only push you more Diana! Corey did some ass kicking at the Pro and then had an eye opener at Nats, gonna be a long winter of setup planning for you!

Final Results for Solo Nationals:

Here's an interesting video on the net:

Dan Cernese' pics from the Pro Finale and Nationals:

makofoto's pics:

Even more pics!


Sunday, September 23, 2007

NNJR - 9/22

chris s. here..

Yesterday's autox was NNJR's last points event for the season. The track layout was a Perry special, with a loop-around shortly after the start. Walking the course was definitely key, since there was a tricky right hand turn after the double cone gate, which I missed on my first run. The first heat was almost complete when the clouds started to move in. Then came the torrential downpour! It was decided that we were going to take a half hour break before the next heat. Luckily the rain slowed down before too long, and the second heat commenced. There was a ton of standing water, so traction was at a minimum. The average autocrosser doesn’t have a ton of experience driving on wet pavement and things were a little tricky. By the third heat, the water started to displace, but a ton of cars were still spinning out (Twice me included!). During last heat, the pavement really started to dry up as the sun shined, and many cars were posting times matching/beating the first heat’s runs. All in all, it was a fun day. I really learned the limits of my car in the rain, as did most people!

Sunday, September 16, 2007


it's been a while since i've posted but we were back behind the wheel today.

i took tricky for a ride on this one.. 51.7 +1 i think.

pax shook out with jay, gj, me, and kevin taking the top four spots in that order.

with the autox season winding down and no topeka for me (good friends' wedding next weekend), i've turned my focus towards training for the nyc ms bike tour. as if a flat 100 miles weren't bad enough, this ride includes a lap around nyc, a bomber run through the lincoln tunnel into jersey(sans cars), a brutal climb up the palisades to rockland county (with some sick elevation changes along the way), then back across the gwb to the start/finish on the west side.

this will be my 2nd year doing the century (100 miles) with the nyc ms bike tour. they say a century is a biker's equivalent to running a marathon. of course the physical pain is killer but i think the mental pain is even worse! i've been training hard to beat my 6hr 30min time of last year. after today's event, i went for a quick 10 mile sprint... i've logged 740 miles in the saddle since this time last year!

make a difference... help fight multiple sclerosis! any donations to support me on my ride to support MS would be greatly appreciated..

or better yet, sign up and join me! i could use a training partner that isn't a pussy (you know who you are!). there are 30 and 60 mile route options for the less crazy..


p.s. keep your eyes out for a topeka report from carris and valera... good luck guys!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Rev It Up- Washington, DC- Story: Part 2

After the Rev It Up on Friday in DC, I had to trek back to NY that night, so I could get 3 hrs of sleep, to then get up and Instruct at the NY BMWCCA Street Survival Teen Driving School.

I had a prior commitment to this school before the Rev It Up schedule came out, and I'm not one to bail on events, especially a Teen School, so no matter how much I really wanted to be in DC and watch the final day of the Rev It Up unfold. I just couldn't be there for it.

Of course during the day, I'm telling everyone what happened the night before. And as usual no one believe it, neither did I at the time, I still thought I was asleep dreaming it.

Later on in the day, I received a phone call from Demetri inviting me to a block party that night at Thom's house. At the time I had nothing planned, so after the School, I drove over there to check it out.

The block party was great, the entire street was closed down, kids were running everywhere, toys were everywhere, food was everywhere. They even had a DJ there playing music and games for the kids, then later in the night a band came in and played for a while.

Ok, to get to the interesting part of the story now. Somewhere around 9 pm, I received a phone call from Rogers Simon, who was at the Rev It Up, calling to give me an update as to who's on the leader board in the Cobalts. I knew who was planning to be there already, and had an idea who was going to be on that list as he started reading names and scores. You name it, the Who's Who of Autocrossing was there: Daddio, Salerno, Strano, King, Johnson, Baker.... etc.... etc..., I could keep going. With that amount of great drivers there, all of them multiple National Champions. Each one of them is more than capable of doing what I did. So of course I started to get nervous.

Somewhere around 9:30 Rogers called me again to give me an update and let me know what the Pro Driver Index was. A few minutes later my phone rings again, this time its Matt Arnold who was there giving me an update.

Next thing you know, I go inside the house, its so loud outside with all the people and music from the block party that I can't hear the phone. I'm pacing around the house all nervous, (probably wore through the carpets) holding on to the house phone in my left hand with Rogers listening to the event as its happening, then in my right hand, I have Matt on my cell phone listening to what's going on from his side. Demetri and Thom are there both laughing at me, holding on to 2 phones pacing around the house, I wound up locking myself in the kitchen for a while just to get some peace and quiet so I could listen. Demetri came in a little while later and grabbed my cell phone and started talking to Matt.

So we're all there I think they are about as nervous as I am, as we're listening to what's going on there. One run after another, hearing Caroline in the background calling off drivers names and times. No one is getting close.

We're now onto second runs in the Corvette's.

At this point its getting pretty late and the block party is starting to wind down, and people are leaving to go home. Then Demetri starts bugging me about leaving. I'm like, no way dude, I'm not leaving till I hear the end of this.

I wound up having to lock myself in the kitchen again after pacing around the house for a while so I could hear the end of it. A few minutes later, they gave in and wanted to hear the end of it also, so we're all sitting there in the kitchen.

Its getting down to the final few drivers, all of a sudden, they have a timer issue. The entire house went quiet. We're listening to see who will be getting a rerun. Of all people who was getting a rerun was Daddio. None of use could believe he was getting a rerun. The event keeps running and the reruns will be done at the end. Then it comes down to Daddio getting his rerun. Caroline is calling out his run, we're listening as its happening. He comes into the finish, Denied! Wow! Daddio didn't beat me.

Here I am thinking I've just won! Then all of a sudden a protest about a car problem came up, and I hear they are about to give Ian Baker a rerun for something. Ian gets his rerun, we're listening as Caroline is calling out the run. He comes across the finish, Denied.

Then in the background I hear Caroline call out my name as the new 2007 National Champion, its official I won. Rogers and Matt who I was on the phone with both congratulated me, then I thanked them for keeping me on the phone to listen in.

I hung up the phone with them, then a couple minutes later. My cell phone rings again, its Dan, the Media Rep from the Rev It Up program. "Congratulations GJ You are now the new 2007 Chevrolet Rev It Up National Champion" we talked for a while and asked me a bunch of questions for the press release.

At the same time, we're walking outside to leave and go home and I believe it was Demetri who yelled to everyone at the block party that I won the car. Everyone on the block cheered for me and congratulated me.

What a Crazy Night!

At that point I'm so exhausted from the day, but so excited that I won, I didn't know what to do. On the way home, I made like 50 phone calls to start letting everyone know. I arrived home and couldn't sleep from the excitement. I think at some point I passed out, but don't remember.

Rogers Simon recorded all of my runs from Friday and he gave me a DVD of it last week, so I'm hoping to post the videos of my runs soon.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Rev It Up- Washington, DC: Story by G. J. Dixon

After winning the NY Chevrolet Rev It Up, I wasn't sure if I was really going to head to Washington, DC for the final tour of the Rev It Up. At the last minute, I decided to call in sick and drive to DC to give it one last try.

I drove down there mid morning on Friday for my late afternoon runs. Since I got there so early, I was able to get the first parking spot out front. This also game me some time to get a couple hours of sleep before the gates opened.

Once the gates opened, I registered, then we all have to take a class room session before we are allowed to participate in any of the driving activities. Once that was completed, it was off to get some seat time on the practice course in the Cobalts. This year it was different and we were allowed to take as many runs as we wanted. In the previous years we were only allowed to take 2 practice runs.

Off to the Comptition Course for my Runs in the Chevy Cobalts.

My first run in the Cobalt was 0.2 off the Pro Driver scoring me with a 700. The Pro Drivers time on the course is worth 1000 points. Everyone's time is indexed off the Pro's time, which is about as fair as it gets with changing weather conditions and different course layouts around the country at each location. This was good enough to put me at the top of the leader board for the day. Upon getting out of the car, Caroline (Rev It Up Announcer) called me over and interview me for a few minutes. She asked about NY, coming down to DC, and about the course. Next came my second run in the Cobalt. Unfortunately, it was dirty with 1 cone, but my time was 0.014 off the Pro Drivers time. I believe it would have been a score of 950 or in that area if it was clean, which would have been the highest score ever achieved in the Cobalts.

After my first 2 runs in the Cobalts, I had a feeling something was going to happen that night. I didn't know what, but I was really enjoying the course that was layed out. Unlike the NY event, this course was more like a typical autocross and was open in a few locations so you had a choice of racing lines. Later in the evening, Brian Priebe knocked me to second place in the Cobalts, but my first score was still good enough to get into the Shootout in the Corvettes.

Before the Shootout, a bunch of us all went over to get some practice in the Corvettes. Unfortunatley, the practice course was not timed as it has been in years past, but it was still a great opportunity to check the cars out and get a basic idea of how they drive.

Time for the Shootout!

My first run in in the Corvette was (39.0) about 0.2 off the Pro Drivers time (38.8), scoring me an 819, which was 7 points shy of Chris Ramey's National Lead of 826 points. I knew going into my second run that there was more time out on the course, and that it would be a matter of me keeping it clean not hitting any cones.

On the second run, I made it through the first 3/4 of the course really fast, and I knew it was faster than my previous run. The last 1/4 of the course was a very tight technical section, which I knew I had to stay away from all the cones. I got behind a little in one section which caused me to slow down more then I wanted to for the next set of corners. I made it around the last corner and came into the finish clean.

A few seconds later I heard Caroline (Rev It Up Announcer) screaming into the microphone, and I heard the crowd scream. At that time I was too far away, and with the helmet on, I couldn't hear anything. I had guessed that I took over the National Lead. As I'm rolling back into the grid area, everyone is giving me the thumbs up and clapping. I still can't hear what is being said, until I made it around the final corner, looked at the score board and realized I had actually beaten the Pro's Time. I then screamed in the car and started honking the car horn. I had turned a 38.5 which beat the Pro's time (38.8) by about 0.3 which gave me a score of 1197 points.

Upon getting out of the car, all the Rev It Up Officials came over and congratulated me. Then I was interviewed again by Caroline, received a bag full of goodies and got a few pictures in with the NOS Models.

Once everything had concluded, and I went to go home, I walked out to the parking lot to find that someone put a "For Sale" sign on my car. I guess someone knew it was my car and didn't think I'd be needing it after that.

I'll tell Part 2 of the story later, about what happened while I was waiting for the Saturday Event to conclude.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

wrx vs evo

with a tease about running on the roadcourse and some class restructuring (compared to 2 classes in 06), a bunch of us showed up at etown to represent in the annual wrx vs. evo event.

as we always enjoy watching... kev and jay battled it out run for run. jay edged out kev for the class win. but kev kept his run clean and took down jay in the shootout! i'd call that even.

kev was up against daddio for fastest evo.. and as expected, it wasn't really a fair fight. under pressure, kev did pull out a sick run though. not quite quick enough to take down mark but pretty damn close on one of the two runs.

the carris' were in their usual form with chris, me, and diana finishing in that respective order in our class. it was tough going up raw-time against chris in his AS car but we were pretty close. great driving guys.. good luck at nationals!

chris decided to preserve the car and loaded it back up on the trailer after the class competition ended. that left me to eventually fend for myself against daddio in the shootout. 2 runs to take down the other subarus, then i was faced with a raw time battle with the alien. stu car vs daddio in all-out SM mode. can you say holunspanked?

for comparison pax-wise, i believe the order came down to mark, me, jay, kev, and chris taking the top 5 spots. holunfie domination. what we like to see!

we all had a great time! huge thanks to perry, ernie, and all the volunteers that put on this event for us!


Sunday, August 19, 2007

finger lakes pro vid

finally got around to posting my in-car from last month's pro..

here's my best run earning enough contingency to cover the weekend's expenses and then some!


back at it

with a somewhat long break from autox (for me), i was itching to get back behind the wheel and get back in on the action.

what better way to jump back in than with an evolution challenge school! if you haven't done an evo school... you should! tons of seat time, top notch instruction, and almost guaranteed improvement to your game. i spent most of my time with ron bistrais, a kickass F-Stock driver. we worked together on figuring out the areas i needed to work on, and took run after run after run. i was working the car so hard, the power steering was actually cutting out since the fluid was aerating! try driving a steering intensive course over and over with no power steering! it was brutal.

when it came time to 'challenge' our instructors, i was able to beat out ron by a tenth. pat salerno was itching to give it a go, so he took a few runs and was able to beat me by a tenth. we didn't want to eat into the other students times so i waited til the fun runs to see what i could pull out.. took me 1 run to warm back up and on the 2nd, i was able to find 2 tenths to beat them both. the school worked! thanks guys.

today, we went to nassau coliseum and it was good to be back with the crew. jay represented by winning BSP, top pax, and FTD!

i was close.. here's the vid of my fast run with a time (48.7) that was good enough to win pax had i not coned it.

you can see i had lost some time with the drift in the turnaround after the slalom.. i had the opportunity to clean it up on my final run, but decided to have a little fun. adil and i swapped cars for our last runs to change it up.

i have to give a huge thanks to mike choi for letting me get behind the wheel of the exige s for its debut event.. what a beautiful car! awesome power, changes direction on a dime, super quick steering rack.. what more can you ask for?

sti for sale! anyone interested?


Monday, August 13, 2007

gj is 'over the moon'!


- New York Driver Sets Record Score In Last Stop Of Six-City National Driving Competition; Only One Among 10,000 Competitors To Beat Pro Driver’s Time -

LANDOVER, Md. [August 11, 2007] – After six weekend events spread across the U.S., from San Francisco to Washington D.C., and 10,000 competitors all vying for the grand prize of a 430-horsepower 2008 Corvette, it was G.J. Dixon, 31, of Scarsdale, NY who was crowned with the title of Chevy-powered Rev It Up™ 2007 National Champion. Although Dixon was not eligible to win the title of D.C. event champion as he had won the New York/New Jersey event the previous week, he returned for another shot at the national title on Friday night to advance his score. Coming back for a second weekend in the world’s largest national performance driving school and racing competition turned out to be an excellent decision, as he ended up taking home the keys to the new 2008 Chevrolet Corvette and besting his nearest nationwide rival, Christopher Ramey of Houston, Tex., by 371 points.

Dixon’s run also made Chevy-powered Rev It Up™ history as the first driver to beat the Rev It UpTM 2007 pro driver’s score in the challenging Corvette Shootout with a blinding lap of 38.549 seconds, which translates to a score of 1197 using the Rev It UpTM 2007 scoring system. This feat, which has not been accomplished by any other in tens of thousands of laps in both race-prepped Chevrolet Cobalts or Corvettes, brought the sizeable Shootout crowd to a standing ovation. “I cannot believe I’m the Rev It UpTM 2007 national champion – I’m over the moon!” the seven-year autocross veteran and automotive technician exclaimed. “I just want to thank everyone who puts on the Rev It UpTM 2007 events, and especially Chevrolet for their support of this awesome summer program.”

As the Chevy-powered Rev It Up™ 2007 National Champion, Dixon will be awarded the new Corvette, as well as a special Corvette-inspired “Jake” Electric Guitar by Paul Reed Smith signed by Chevy’s American Le Mans Series Corvette Racing Team drivers. For beating the pro driver’s time and score, Dixon received an extra bonus prize, a race helmet signed by the entire Chevrolet Racing Team.

On behalf of Chevrolet, we’d like to congratulate G.J. Dixon, the Chevy-powered Rev It Up™ 2007 National Champion,” said Ed Peper, Chevrolet General Manager. “After six exciting events, G.J. really showed us what our performance-oriented Cobalts and Corvettes can do, under a pressure-filled nationwide competition setting. Chevrolet had a great summer with the Chevy-powered Rev It Up™ 2007 automotive touring festival, and we look forward to more excitement to come!”

Sunday, August 12, 2007

congrats GJ!

holy crap. gj won rev it up.

not only does he get a free bondurant school.. he won the vette!!!

you are THE man GJ..

Monday, August 6, 2007

Corvette Day '07

I had no intentions of attending this year's Corvette Day over at Englishtown. That was until a friend of mine told me they were having it at the Raceway Park road course! There was a low turnout of Vette's, which in turn gave all of us cone runners plenty of fun runs. The layout was huge, as Perry was able to utilize the majority of the road course. Plenty of long stretches to build up crazy speed. In the STi, I was shifting into 3rd gear four times, and my top speed was about 70. Cars were running in the 60 and 70 seconds. The vast layout gave autocrossing a totally different feel. It was simply awesome! I had a fun time, thanks Perry and crew for the treat.

For a higher resolution version of the vid: Higher Res

Monday, July 30, 2007


yeah, yeah.. this is supposed to be a car blog.. i've been a little "autox'd out" lately and needed to switch it up.

so we took a little trip out to the offshore canyons aboard woozy-

i promised to take an old high school friend fishing.. little did he know he'd get an experience of a lifetime! lots of yellowfin tuna and a personal whalewatching show throughout the day!

stocked up on wasabi and soy sauce.. sashimi never tasted any better!


Tuesday, July 24, 2007

'07 finger lakes pro

pics from

vids coming soon..






challenge winners