Sunday, September 23, 2007

NNJR - 9/22

chris s. here..

Yesterday's autox was NNJR's last points event for the season. The track layout was a Perry special, with a loop-around shortly after the start. Walking the course was definitely key, since there was a tricky right hand turn after the double cone gate, which I missed on my first run. The first heat was almost complete when the clouds started to move in. Then came the torrential downpour! It was decided that we were going to take a half hour break before the next heat. Luckily the rain slowed down before too long, and the second heat commenced. There was a ton of standing water, so traction was at a minimum. The average autocrosser doesn’t have a ton of experience driving on wet pavement and things were a little tricky. By the third heat, the water started to displace, but a ton of cars were still spinning out (Twice me included!). During last heat, the pavement really started to dry up as the sun shined, and many cars were posting times matching/beating the first heat’s runs. All in all, it was a fun day. I really learned the limits of my car in the rain, as did most people!

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Chris said...

Thanks again to all of the NNJR folks for a great 2007 season!

Just for the record, I am not one of the Holunfie crew, I'm simply the resident Holunman representative (Quite the opposite of Holunfie). :-)