Thursday, June 26, 2008

bike for sale ***SOLD*****

anyone want to join me at the track?

i need to make room in my garage. too many bikes.

this is a mint '01 r6 with ~3900 miles up for grabs. runs like a champ.

click on the slideshow for bigger pics



Tuesday, June 24, 2008

2008 DC ProSolo

This event is the one we all look forward to the most every year. This is what got some of holunfie to start traveling a little. It is hands down one of my favorite weekends of the year.

With that said I have several people I need to thank. Hugo generously allowed me to drive his STU Evo after my BSP (Break Some Parts) car had some drivetrain issues on the way down to DC. Really sucked after being up til 2AM prepping the car. Chris & Diana Carris went out of their way to get my car home on Sunday night. Seriously, we had to deflate the trailer tires just to get the evo on that thing. We also swapped street tires from my car onto the Sti so Diana could drive home. I know Chris didn't get home til at least 1am either. PJ Corrales also kept on eye on the evo through NYC where we must have passed each other 10 times. Then he pulls my phone number out of thin air to see if the evo was ok. Chris Shin was nice enough to lend his Mom's driveway as a peaceful resting spot for the evo during the weekend. Hope your Mom's not pissed about the HOA joke!!!! Chris was also cool enough to let Dan codrive his Sti for the weekend. Seriously, I cannot begin to explain how good it feels to have a group of genuine friends like these. The solo community is a rare breed.

Well, onto the competition!

The Carris' had a feel good weekend in the STi with Chris placing 3rd in AS and Diana taking 2nd in L1. Just wait til the marshmellow gets dampers! STU had myself in 3rd, Namer in 5th on Pinks!!, Iman pluggin 6th, Hugo 9th, Dan 10th (yes Dan, Hugo beat yoooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!hahahaha) & Chris Shin in 15th. Whew..what a crew in STU. DaveMac pulled the upset on that class over Corey by .044 seconds, sick battle! GJ won HS, no surprise there!

Here's some video of Hugo and my fast runs left and right.

Hugo Left

Hugo Right

Jay Left

Jay Right

I almost shed a tear! :( Not really. But the front lip was sacrificed to get this thing on!!


Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!!

I was sitting around this morning watch the LeMans 24hr and realized there are a ton of guys who are dads now!

So, Happy Father's Day to Kevin, Hugo, Sammy, Billy, Richie, Tony "Mario", Perry, Jeff, Chris Chang, Mark D., Adil & Rich Wayne. If I forgot you sorry!!

A dad can dream right!?

- Jay

Thursday, June 12, 2008


click here for the wiki

"STU: The idea is to take a really nice expensive street car, make it uncomfortable and barely streetable, then not let it run DOT R's, so it'll go slower than the stock version of the same car."

so true

devens vids

here's my perspective (dan) from devens:

saturday was a little tough getting up to speed. chris and i were both trying to adapt to the car in 3 runs. we were shaving big time run after run. by the 3rd run, we were pretty close. i was .13 sec off chris who was about .2 off jay's best from earlier in the day. (chris and i were in 2,3 behind don in his mazdaspeed miata on saturday)

by sunday, we had the 1,2 position overall after 2 runs. thinking we could really go balls to the wall (on the more evo 'friendly' course) on the last run chris put down a great time and i choked and drove like poo. little did i know that while i was on course, don would drive his heart out and find another second on this last run!! wow!! we thought ed and don had squeezed all they had out of that little miata!

great driving by matt d. too. congrats on the trophy.

big thanks to jay and the carris duo.. i show up with a helmet and get a badass car and a great time!

chris and i owe huge thanks to jay. he gave up his spot in bsp for chris and i which put him up against the best in our sport. as i said to him all weekend.. nothing to lose, so much to gain. it didn't happen this time but there's always the next event! daddio also mounted up sticker hoosiers up front for the event whereas we were on 40+ run hoosiers that many would have tossed. had we mounted up a fresh set, who knows what would've happened.

so final results were BSP:
1st- don
2nd- chris
3rd- dan
4th- matt

1st- daddio
2nd- jay
3rd- pj

as expected, corey walked away with stu, but our man iman held a strong lead in 2nd place over jake in 3rd. killer driving by diana (codriving hugo's evo) on sunday who unfortunately coned her runs on saturday. she was 2nd ftd on sunday in class in a car she's never driven!

on to the vids:

Saturday onboard:







Monday, June 9, 2008

Raceway Park Road Course

Raceway Park's road course was open to the public June 6-8 signifying the official opening of the track. I attended the second day of the event. This was my first event of this type, and I had a great time even with the horrible heat! I was able to run 15 laps, and would have gone for another 5, if I hadn't run out of gas. Lots of hot cars, saw a Ferrari and other full blown racecars.

Me chasing an EVO (need to work on better lines)

Raceway Park Road Course - EVO from C S on Vimeo.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


tonight was a busy night in preparation for the weekend.

jay should have our race fuel by now, carris should have applied his tire flipping/rain mounting skills, and i uh.. i've been catching up on 2-wheeled racing on the dvr.

we're gonna have some fun @ the devens national tour with the 3 of us battling it out in jay's bsp machine. i'm dying to try out that launch control on race gas! no more pussy footing jay!

chris will be warming my tires for me in BSP (i'll need all the help i can get) and jay will be up against daddio in SM! the alien can be beat! we are due for an exciting weekend.

full report with in-car early next week! wish us luck!