Thursday, January 17, 2008

vermont winter challenge time!

here's the event info.. sign up!!

New England Region, SCCA

Winter Challenge Rally

16 February 2008

The Winter Challenge Rally will be an all night winter rally run regardless of weather. Although no car-breaking roads will be used, the majority of the roads chosen are rural, unpaved roads which will be undoubtedly be snow and ice covered.

The Winter Challenge Rally will be broken into 3 sections with each section having its own format and challenges.

    Section I: A TSD rally, Lightly, speed-trapped, with challenging speeds yet still viable to those new to traps with previous TSD rally experience, a good introduction to trap rallys and winter driving.

    Section II: A TSD Map rally with more challenging speeds. Not recommended to drivers inexperienced in serious winter driving.

    Section III: A TSD brisk winter rally in the tradition of past Buffum rallys.

The Winter Challenge Rally will be included in several different rally series or


    New England Winter: Sections I & II: This rally is part of the New England Rally Championship & the NEDiv Series. NER Classes A and S.

    Vermont Winter: Section II & III: This rally is part of the New England Rally Championship & the NEDiv Series. NER Classes A and S.


The Rally will headquarter at the Day’s Inn, 173 Main St, Barre, VT 05641 [802-476-6678] (Note this date is President’s Weekend and room go fast. Reserve Early!

NOTE: The SCCA now requires all competitors to be members of SCCA. The weekend membership fee is included in the surcharge for non-members. Only the form must be completed.

The rally committee reserves the right to restrict entries based on experience.

The rally will have a limited entry.

In an attempt to even the competition, the VT Winter rally will have a penalty system for 4-wheel drive entrants.

There will also be an award for the best overall placing in the combined 3 sections.

To reserve a space & receive an Official Entry package contact Ted Goddard, Registrar, P.O.Box 267, Perkinsville, VT 05151. [tel: 802-263-5678; fax: 802-263-9540; email:]

To obtain information of the rally route and philosophy of the rally route contact John Buffum [].

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

cts coupe

i'm really liking this.. cadillac is getting on the ball

2008 cts coupe concept- supposed to be out mid-year '08

would make a badass daily! cts-v version would make an even more badass daily!


Thursday, January 10, 2008

4g build

came across some pics from ~4 years ago... the good old days!

chassis: $100.00
labor: free

end result.. priceless!

setting up to pull stock engine

on its way out

obligatory shot

jdm b16 with lsd tranny.. rare!

shakedown at summit point

homemade fg hood and home depot front lip special

i have some some cage building shots that i'll post up some other time.

still one of my favorite cars! hopefully we'll be back at the track soon..


Sunday, January 6, 2008

adavnce notice

A few guys is going to head to the new karting place jan12. happy? HAHA



Friday, January 4, 2008

v-17 (jan5)

Me, GJ and a few others will be at v-17 getting some seat time. Come join if u have time. We will be there @ around 5PM until whenever.