Monday, November 19, 2007

pbx rally

here's a few minutes of what was 5 hours in the woods this past saturday..

unfortunately, i didn't capture the best action on tape.. the 1st tape ran out while we were pitching the car sideways on some WRC like twisties!

the 2.5rs is amazing.. so well balanced in the dirt. stable and inspiring. subaru really knows how to build a fun to drive car.



Joon Kim said...

I watched the whole thing and didn't see one piney. I hope you guys had a baseball bat in the back seat :)

Joon Kim said...
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Chris said...

I should post my video! :-)

dan said...

piney.. ha i've never heard of that

post it chris!

Char said...

Damn man, I was all ready for this and couldn't make it. Next year I guess. Looks awsome.