Sunday, September 16, 2007


it's been a while since i've posted but we were back behind the wheel today.

i took tricky for a ride on this one.. 51.7 +1 i think.

pax shook out with jay, gj, me, and kevin taking the top four spots in that order.

with the autox season winding down and no topeka for me (good friends' wedding next weekend), i've turned my focus towards training for the nyc ms bike tour. as if a flat 100 miles weren't bad enough, this ride includes a lap around nyc, a bomber run through the lincoln tunnel into jersey(sans cars), a brutal climb up the palisades to rockland county (with some sick elevation changes along the way), then back across the gwb to the start/finish on the west side.

this will be my 2nd year doing the century (100 miles) with the nyc ms bike tour. they say a century is a biker's equivalent to running a marathon. of course the physical pain is killer but i think the mental pain is even worse! i've been training hard to beat my 6hr 30min time of last year. after today's event, i went for a quick 10 mile sprint... i've logged 740 miles in the saddle since this time last year!

make a difference... help fight multiple sclerosis! any donations to support me on my ride to support MS would be greatly appreciated..

or better yet, sign up and join me! i could use a training partner that isn't a pussy (you know who you are!). there are 30 and 60 mile route options for the less crazy..


p.s. keep your eyes out for a topeka report from carris and valera... good luck guys!


Char said...

Hey Dan I'm doing the ms bike tour as well this year. But I'm a mountain biker so I'm just slapping on some road tires and having a go at the 60 mile. Good luck with the 100!

dan said...

nice! the 60 is still extremely challenging. the climb up the palisades is a doozy. if you think you can avg 16mph.. you should join us! we'll continue on up after the alpine stop. i'll have 2 other friends with me so we'll have a decent draft going. shoot me an email..

Jay said...

16 guys are poosay's!