Tuesday, October 21, 2008

For Sale...08 STI parts

It's been a rough season for us to say the least. Our 08 STI is now gone...so we have some goodies to sell.
--AST Shocks - Custom Built for 08 STI (SOLD).
These are custom built one-off shocks. Made for the 2008 STI (or 2009 STI). They are double adjustable with external reservior for nitrogen charge. These are built to SCCA Autox A-Stock specs. They have 12 adjustments of rebound & 11 adjustments for compression. Both Front & Rears are technically threaded coil overs & can be readapted to full coilover shocks.
I spent a total of $5875 for these ($5125 for the shocks plus $750 for a stock set of STI shocks for the custom build). If you plan on running a 08 or 09 STI in Stock class, don't pass up these shocks! Had it not been for all of our engine problems running the 08, I wouldn't have gotten rid of the car & wouldn't be selling these.
Price: $3800.00
--Kosei K3 rims (SOLD). 18 x 8.5 with 50mm offset
with Kosei caps, centering rings (for a Subaru), never been used blue metal valve stems and lugs with key. Weight 19.2 lbs each. Rims never used on street only for one autox event.
Price $800.00
--Hoosier Wets (SOLD). Four 275 x 35 R18. 24 Runs on the set. All tires purchased in 2008
Price $450.00
--Many tires...all Hoosier A6 295x 30 R18 (8 tires left). All tires purchased in 2008.
(1) never been heat cycled sticker Hoosier, Price $200. (SOLD)
(4) used Hoosiers. Used for 8 runs each. Price $120 per tire. (SOLD)
(12) used Hoosiers. All with under 40 runs. Price $100 per tire. (8 tires still available!)
(4) used Hoosiers. All with well over 40 runs. Price $50 for the set of 4. (trashed)
The more tires you are willing to buy the more I am willing to negotiate on price.
Also have items below if interested...
--Niles Sway bar with Perrin endlinks (SOLD)
--Hawk HP Plus Brake Pads (SOLD)
--K&N Intake Filter
--Schroth 4 point Harness with pads

Monday, October 20, 2008

rs put to use

i missed all the fun to spend time with the fam but adil and the carris duo put the rs to good use. that's right, 3 drivers, 1 car.

my consolation was getting the carrera while the suby was getting exercised. not a bad trade.





pine barrens rally nov 22nd.. that i am not missing!

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Thursday, October 9, 2008

rallyx time!

Time to get your rallyx on..

October 19th in Upper Red Hook, NY (about 2 hrs north of NYC)


here's a little inspiration