Saturday, September 29, 2007

2007 ProSolo Finale & Solo Nationals!

So I was really hoping to attend these events this year, life gets in the way sometimes.

Anyway here's the update on who placed where in the holunfie friends and family network.

ProSolo Finale
Chris Carris - Trophied 2nd
Jeff Hurst - Trophied 3rd
GJ Dixon - 5th
Joe Austin - 7th
Keith Casey - Trophied 5th
Corey Ridgick - 1st
Mark Daddio - 1st
Diana Carris - Trophied 5th

Solo Nationals
Jeff Hurst - 49th
Chris Carris - Trophied 11th
Diane Carris - Kicked Ass! Trophied 3rd
Lisa Frankel - 10th
GJ Dixon - coned it away....Trophied 2nd
Chris Chang - 16th
Mark Valera - 17th
Joe "the new Chang" Austin - 18th
Stephanie Chang - Trophied 2nd
Keith Casey - 15th
Corey Ridgick - Trophied 5th
Anthony Defiore - 36th
Sho Torii - 24th
Keiko Tsuzuro - 7th
Mark Daddio - 1st
Chris Travis - Trophied 4th
Nelson Antunes - Trophied 6th

Congrats go out to Mark Daddio for collecting the ProSolo and Solo Championships (Junior and Strano did too!). I don't know any of the real stories but watching results I was very impressed with the Carris'. Chris' push on his last runs to get up to 2nd at the Finale was total perserverance. Chris also got to knock out Mark 1st round in the Challenge! Sorry Mark, it's just more fun rooting for the underdog! Diana's 3rd place at Nats was only .25 sec out of 1st and must have been heart breaking after holding 1st place on day 1. That's the kind of loss that makes the fire inside burn hot, I've got a feeling this will only push you more Diana! Corey did some ass kicking at the Pro and then had an eye opener at Nats, gonna be a long winter of setup planning for you!

Final Results for Solo Nationals:

Here's an interesting video on the net:

Dan Cernese' pics from the Pro Finale and Nationals:

makofoto's pics:

Even more pics!


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Nice! Too bad Jay and Silent Dan didn't make it.