Tuesday, May 27, 2008

NNJR Autox - E-Town Roadcourse

This past Saturday NNJR held their fourth points event at E-Town. It was the second event that NNJR had at the roadcourse, and was a quite a treat. Definitely a change of pace from the normal parking lot, as higher speeds were achievable in many sections of the course. Thanks to the excellent course layout, fast speeds were capped at the right spots to ensure safety. This is the first autox where I was able to use fourth gear in my STi. Hopefully NNJR has more events held there, as it was as much of a blast as Corvette Day '07.

Chris C. co-drove my car, and gave me some pointers on car setup/driving. He was able to acheive 3rd in PAX in my STU (psuedo)prepped car! Thanks for the help, and hope things work out with your car.

-Chris S.

Here is Chris's fastest (clean) run:

NNJR Autox 5.24.08 from C S on Vimeo.

Here is an angle shot of his last run:

NNJR Autox 5.24.08 from C S on Vimeo.

And my fastest run:

NNJR Autox 5.24.08 from C S on Vimeo.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Boston BMWCCA Autox

So I was really hoping for Dan and I to do a warmup event this last weekend. Unfortunately Dan didn't get in to the event so I ran myself. Typically there is a good DSP contingent (Mike Shields, Chris Franson, Alex Shipkov sp?? & now Nate Whipple) at these events and Steve Hazard finally had his BSP M3 back in action. The courses are typically a blast.

I managed to raw time the DSP guys, but I am quite sure they nailed me in PAX. They are a tough group to get past up there.

As for the car, I am really pleased with the new damper setup, diffs and hoosiers. The car has lost a couple of bad traits from last year and is just sick on corner exits.

Here's some video of my fast morning and afternoon runs.

Run 4

Run 8

I have some MaxQ data from the event, as soon as I find a decent way to present it I'll post up some stuff. If anyone (Mike & Chris!) would like to exchange data I'd love to see it. I can be reached at Talus9998@aol.com


Friday, May 23, 2008

holunfie +1

holunfie is multiplying! congrats kev and doris!!

..and kev's still going to try to autox on saturday.. lol


Sunday, May 18, 2008

pocono east on the r6

9 sessions on two wheels at pocono east!

here's one lap with the rear cam. i followed joey for a few warm up laps, then he got tired and waved me by on this one-

Pocono East 5/17/08 Rearcam from dan cheung on Vimeo

a lap chasing down a carrot..

pocono east buttcam from dan cheung on Vimeo.

if you ride, getting on the track is a must if you haven't!

i need to get back behind the wheel soon! devens with jay next sunday.. looking forward to it! and wtf happened at NYR?? glad i wasn't there.

Friday, May 2, 2008


check it out.. guess who's May Driver of the Month!!!


here is his thinking to himself, "maybe i should go 1mm smaller on the front bar"

Congrats Jay! You the man.


decided carbs suck and fuel injection rocks.. pocono on the 17th on 2 wheels. woop!