Monday, August 6, 2007

Corvette Day '07

I had no intentions of attending this year's Corvette Day over at Englishtown. That was until a friend of mine told me they were having it at the Raceway Park road course! There was a low turnout of Vette's, which in turn gave all of us cone runners plenty of fun runs. The layout was huge, as Perry was able to utilize the majority of the road course. Plenty of long stretches to build up crazy speed. In the STi, I was shifting into 3rd gear four times, and my top speed was about 70. Cars were running in the 60 and 70 seconds. The vast layout gave autocrossing a totally different feel. It was simply awesome! I had a fun time, thanks Perry and crew for the treat.

For a higher resolution version of the vid: Higher Res


Richie said...

Dan that's awesome!!
Looks like you had a great time with those wide opened spaces.

dan said...

that's not me richie! that's holunman chris that posted his vid

richie said...

I was wondering why it looked like you bulked up!?
Nice job Chris, sorry for the mix up.

Chris said...

"bulked up" lol, Dan's he's either calling you wimpy, or calling me fat! hehe

dan said...

i'd have to guess the latter.

now i'm jonesing to get behind the wheel.. what's up with no events this weekend!