Sunday, March 28, 2010

etown season opener

sanjaya posted some vids from his gopro..

s2k in drift trim. bald crap rear tires, re01r's up front. jedi training for sanjaya to unlearn his awd 'skills'. sick frontend bite and a car that wants to snap spin = a blast!

it was an absolute handful but we applied some unconventional tire warming techniques. smokey 180's + vtec launches upped the grip level.. a tiny bit, i think. ultimately, patience and smooth inputs did the trick.

waiting on some str specific 17x9's to arrive + real tires.. then it's game on!


NNJR SCCA 03/27/2010 - Char's Run #2 from Charith Perera on Vimeo.

^this is what happens when you think you're driving awd and rev it to 9k in first, then floor it on the upshift.

NNJR SCCA 03/27/2010 - Dan's Money Run from Charith Perera on Vimeo.

NNJR SCCA 03/27/2010 - Char's run #7 from Charith Perera on Vimeo.

^perry caught on camera again