Sunday, January 11, 2009

MMC onboard

From mmc

the event ROCKED!! by far the best 4 wheeled event i've ever experienced (and i've done a lot). despite what you might think, this was VERY safe, only 1 real causualty- mike busted his bumper and headlight on a tirewall.. but with about 30 drivers on track all day long, that isn't half bad. normal track days usually see tons of carnage.

by the end of the day, i was driving with zero fear, pitching the car sideways into high speed corners like second nature. took a lot of laps to get to to that comfort level but the point is, this event gave us the opportunity to get a TON of seat time to get to that point!

i was having so much fun i never checked the connections on the camera as the day went on (lots of movement in car and camera bag wasn't strapped down). so all of our killer vid on different cars is audio only. doh!

so here is my onboard from early in the day (pre-mastering of the scandanavian flick and before my balls grew) but it gives you a good idea of the track and conditions.

Monticello Motor Club Winter Driving Series from dan cheung on Vimeo.

you can see the low grip levels and don't let my exhaust with the db level of a sewing machine fool you.. i had it flat out most of the time! poor rs was way underpowered in comparison to the other cars i drove. char's evo was a rocketship!

adil rocked the 911 all day and steven k brought out the cayenne turbo! lol. i'm sure the axisofoversteer guys will have their vids up soon.

please MMC- let's keep these events going! we'll all be there again!


Thursday, January 8, 2009

winter driving series!

open track day on snow?? we're in!

here's a vid from the last event with mirra driving

all details here.. click on winter driving series