Sunday, August 19, 2007

back at it

with a somewhat long break from autox (for me), i was itching to get back behind the wheel and get back in on the action.

what better way to jump back in than with an evolution challenge school! if you haven't done an evo school... you should! tons of seat time, top notch instruction, and almost guaranteed improvement to your game. i spent most of my time with ron bistrais, a kickass F-Stock driver. we worked together on figuring out the areas i needed to work on, and took run after run after run. i was working the car so hard, the power steering was actually cutting out since the fluid was aerating! try driving a steering intensive course over and over with no power steering! it was brutal.

when it came time to 'challenge' our instructors, i was able to beat out ron by a tenth. pat salerno was itching to give it a go, so he took a few runs and was able to beat me by a tenth. we didn't want to eat into the other students times so i waited til the fun runs to see what i could pull out.. took me 1 run to warm back up and on the 2nd, i was able to find 2 tenths to beat them both. the school worked! thanks guys.

today, we went to nassau coliseum and it was good to be back with the crew. jay represented by winning BSP, top pax, and FTD!

i was close.. here's the vid of my fast run with a time (48.7) that was good enough to win pax had i not coned it.

you can see i had lost some time with the drift in the turnaround after the slalom.. i had the opportunity to clean it up on my final run, but decided to have a little fun. adil and i swapped cars for our last runs to change it up.

i have to give a huge thanks to mike choi for letting me get behind the wheel of the exige s for its debut event.. what a beautiful car! awesome power, changes direction on a dime, super quick steering rack.. what more can you ask for?

sti for sale! anyone interested?



Ronzar said...

how much for the sti?

dan said...

i was half kidding about selling it but feel free to make an offer i can't refuse!