Tuesday, June 24, 2008

2008 DC ProSolo

This event is the one we all look forward to the most every year. This is what got some of holunfie to start traveling a little. It is hands down one of my favorite weekends of the year.

With that said I have several people I need to thank. Hugo generously allowed me to drive his STU Evo after my BSP (Break Some Parts) car had some drivetrain issues on the way down to DC. Really sucked after being up til 2AM prepping the car. Chris & Diana Carris went out of their way to get my car home on Sunday night. Seriously, we had to deflate the trailer tires just to get the evo on that thing. We also swapped street tires from my car onto the Sti so Diana could drive home. I know Chris didn't get home til at least 1am either. PJ Corrales also kept on eye on the evo through NYC where we must have passed each other 10 times. Then he pulls my phone number out of thin air to see if the evo was ok. Chris Shin was nice enough to lend his Mom's driveway as a peaceful resting spot for the evo during the weekend. Hope your Mom's not pissed about the HOA joke!!!! Chris was also cool enough to let Dan codrive his Sti for the weekend. Seriously, I cannot begin to explain how good it feels to have a group of genuine friends like these. The solo community is a rare breed.

Well, onto the competition!

The Carris' had a feel good weekend in the STi with Chris placing 3rd in AS and Diana taking 2nd in L1. Just wait til the marshmellow gets dampers! STU had myself in 3rd, Namer in 5th on Pinks!!, Iman pluggin 6th, Hugo 9th, Dan 10th (yes Dan, Hugo beat yoooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!hahahaha) & Chris Shin in 15th. Whew..what a crew in STU. DaveMac pulled the upset on that class over Corey by .044 seconds, sick battle! GJ won HS, no surprise there!

Here's some video of Hugo and my fast runs left and right.

Hugo Left

Hugo Right

Jay Left

Jay Right

I almost shed a tear! :( Not really. But the front lip was sacrificed to get this thing on!!



dan said...

thanks for the codrive shin! the tires are dead so order up some dunlops (through the blog) and double that rear springrate and you'd be set!

simmonz- i owe you 3 bucks but your average r/t's totally sucked

iman- jay kept commenting how your sister is hot!! better keep an eye on him

Simmons-Racing said...

I WANT MY 3 DOLLARS!!! It must be hard launching on a limiter :)

dan said...

don't forget who won the saturday bet. were you sleeping? toothpicks in the eyelids for you next time

Simmons-Racing said...

Yep, I was a little Hung Over from Friday Night. Lucky I Won some Money from you and John on Saturday(Thanks Corey)

dan said...

yeah thanks corey.

should we revoke his holunfie stickers for not winning?

Chris said...

As always, good trip going down to DC guys... This year we had a pretty large STU class, and the competition was fierce in the upper ranks. I guess my tires do need a change, since I have run a little more than a season on those bad boys. They have been heat cycled to death. Any chance of making me up a set of Holuman stickers?

On a side note... Hugo, expect a letter in the mail from my lawyer. Your ricer EVO exhaust has permanently branded my lower leg!

Simmons-Racing said...

Anyone going to E-town tomorrow?

dan said...

codrive? email me- i never got your #.. dancheung@gmail.com