Monday, April 28, 2008

sunday errands

this is how my sunday morning started.. wake up and take a quick ride to the west side to pick up this from a ferrari fanatic (on his 5th exhaust):

stop by queens on the way back to finalize the deal on a tracktoy.. a low mileage zx7r-


brunch with eric and steph to celebrate my new purchase, and rush home to sell the civic.. to a fellow autoxer.

wrapped up the day with a bbq with the fam and watched ama superbike racing on the dvr before hitting the sack. great day.

the bike was actually cheaper than the USED exhaust! just signed up for some 2 wheel tracktime at pocono in a few weeks. now i have some leathers and an onboard camera to shop for!

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Monday, April 21, 2008


while hugo and gj were at giants, jay, the carris duo, chris travis, and i were at stratford ct with fscc. i go where the evo goes!

so the carris's were flogging the new sti and it rocks. travis wasn't far behind on 888's and jay and i were breaking in the sticker hoosiers.

no in-car, no data.. just driving for jay and i.

jay got ftd but edged out in pax by matt murray. i'm still unprogramming my street tire brain! but getting there.



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i like salmon

hugo's in car from giants on sunday:



my '99 civic hatch for sale

finally putting her up for sale.

1999 ek hatch.
only 39k miles.
zero rust
complete b20vtec (endyn rods&pistons)
b16 longblock
rce 310cc and 370cc injectors (depending on config)
hondata stage 2 AND stage 4 w/ software and programmer (2 ecu's)
'99 b16 tranny with quaife lsd
clutchmasters stage 3 clutch
clutchmasters aluminum lightweight flywheel
j&s safeguard (knock protection)
tein ha coilovers
suspension techniques swaybars
jdm 4-1 header with fastline skidplate
itr cams
fastbrakes 11.3" front brakes
autopower rollbar with removable bolt-in x-brace/harness bar
3" harnesses
rota spoon replica wheels
del sol seats
sparco suede wheel
etc etc.

not running at the moment.. ideally i'd swap the b16 back in but no time to work on it. chassis/body is near perfect condition!

kbb is $6k for a stock '99. i'll let this go for $4500 obo. this would part out for much more but i don't have the time.

i was holding on to this car for the longest time because of my love for it but i've got other priorities.. this is a steal for someone that's willing to roll their sleeves up!


Saturday, April 12, 2008


Remember Sesame Street?? "One of these things is not like the other...."

So last weekend running at Giants stadium I hear a knocking noise towards the end of my run. No biggie, it happens every so often. I pull to the side and wait for a rerun, check my tire pressures and get back in the car. I pull up to the line and Joe Austin finds this next to my car:
I immediately recognize it and without hesitation Joe points me out of line. I pack up and drive home, thinking about what I'm gonna replace all this stuff with. So I splurged and got these:

Studs are ARP's P/N: 100-7717 and you need 4 of them for the whole car. New lug nuts are steel, I've been running Aluminum for 2 yrs now with no problems but I figured it was time for some fresh ones anyway. They are from Pegasus, P/N 3548-005. Supposed to be high strength steel, def heavy, but they are open ended and 19mm w/no locks which make for easy changing.

So here is the failure point on the stud:
Looking at the cross section it is pretty clear the stud began to fail awhile ago. There is oxidation (rust) visible and there are also "rings" which point to a fatigue related failure. These studs have a minimum of about 80 tire changes so it's not hard to think they would fail sooner or later.

So here is a comparison of the ARP and the KYO-EI studs. It looks like ARP worked a little harder to reduce any stress raisers, especially at the failure point on the KYO-EI stud. I'll also have 5-10mm more of thread to use, which I'm happy about.

All better now.

- Jay

199 lives

a few clips from 199 lives.. a must see for the action sports fan. it'll get you fired up to rally with no fear!

backflip to 360!! what?!!

only in theaters this wednesday and thursday..


Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Sunday, April 6, 2008


funny pic.. ken block's daughter looks like kenny from southpark! lol

more rallyny photos at rob's site..

i was busy donating my money to other pokerheads this weekend at foxwoods. i couldn't pass up a free room and vip lounge hookups. but maybe if i stuck to autoxing, i'd have a fatter wallet.

sounds like i missed a great event at nnjr. need more seat time in the evo!


Thursday, April 3, 2008

3-29 NNJR SCCA T&T it was a weird day for me having Dan in the car. In the end it was cool and all he did was hit cones. 15 of 'em. That's almost a 2 cone per run average. I wasn't much of a slouch either and had a couple nasty center punches, seems I'm getting good at those.

Anyhow onto the video.

Here's Dan's run 4

Dan get's a little commentary from SIMMONZ...

Here's my 2nd run, got a little crazy in the back section, Dan later told me he thought we were gonna make friends with the fence, thankfully my right foot kept us cool...ha

Here's FTD for the day

As in 2007 it was tons of fun having part of the Philly crew up for an early season shakedown. Some of the offseason changes to the evo feel good, can't wait to get the hoosiers mounted.