Wednesday, December 19, 2007

new ride

here are a couple shots of the new (used) s2k.. it was too well kept to pass up... only 24k miles on an '01!! the hardtop sweetened the deal for me. i love the look and functionalilty. maybe it'll get a couple xmas presents once the sti is gone.. strictly autox related of course!

4 cars at my house.. my neighbors must hate me! ek civic, sti, 2.5rs and now this.. the sti and ek will eventually be gone.. hondas and subies.. love em!

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Char said...

Nice! I passed by my neighbor digging his S2K out of the snow over the weekend. I couldn't help but chuckle to myself. At least you have the RS on blizzaks.

Douglas said...

a most wise acquisition. :) give us a report on torque withdrawal later on though. ;-)

Chris said...

That hardtop definately cleans up the look. Nice car man, so sad to see another STi driver, but at least it wasn't to an EVO. ;-)

Why are you getting rid of the civic?


Char said...

dude where does the bike rack go??