Sunday, September 30, 2007

moldy bread

So Dan has been telling me that our readers would like to see some new content. I get it, I think the page has been stale myself.

As for the lack of content I think Dan has been cycling quite a bit and actually has a girlfriend. Uh-oh, is he gonna fall off? I've been busy as hell with the new job and Diane is getting ready to pop with boy #2. :)

Here's a peek into some new topics I'd like to write about.

I know Charith still wants to see my home alignment how-to, maybe we'll get his car in the garage for pics.

I've also been on the hunt for some old results and pics from back in '99, '00 and '01. These were very much the formative years of what have turned out to be the long lasting friendships and rivalries of holunfie. I think it will be nice to show where we came from, cause it sure as hell wasn't 300+ hp AWD rally cars. Here's a sneak peek...icky body roll, stock tires and loaner helmets!...yuck

Dan and I are talking about a codrive situation in my bsp evo for next year. The both of us are continually looking at ways to improve our driving and get to the point our old benchmarks are at now. If this happens look for some awesome content next season. Think technical. I'd love to have 2 cameras taping both of us, datalogging runs and comparing driving. Logging tire temps, G's, run count, and weather to try and get a real world correlation for grip levels and heat range as well as grip levels over the life of a tire. Does spraying tires heat cycle them to death? This is some stuff I'd like to know and we'd like to share it.
Anatomy of a BSP build might make it too. I've got lots of pics and data from the development and actual build of the evo. This would probably be pretty interesting for you evo owners.

If anyone has a topic they'd like to read about simply post a comment.
Now onto the cool multimedia content. NYR's Bo (of Setup fame) has put some time into making a nice video from our last regional event at Nassau. There's quite a few people tearing up a slalom mid way through the course. You'll def recognize a few names in here. Find out who's tidy and who's not:

You can also check out more videos at his youtube page here:

Saturday, September 29, 2007

2007 ProSolo Finale & Solo Nationals!

So I was really hoping to attend these events this year, life gets in the way sometimes.

Anyway here's the update on who placed where in the holunfie friends and family network.

ProSolo Finale
Chris Carris - Trophied 2nd
Jeff Hurst - Trophied 3rd
GJ Dixon - 5th
Joe Austin - 7th
Keith Casey - Trophied 5th
Corey Ridgick - 1st
Mark Daddio - 1st
Diana Carris - Trophied 5th

Solo Nationals
Jeff Hurst - 49th
Chris Carris - Trophied 11th
Diane Carris - Kicked Ass! Trophied 3rd
Lisa Frankel - 10th
GJ Dixon - coned it away....Trophied 2nd
Chris Chang - 16th
Mark Valera - 17th
Joe "the new Chang" Austin - 18th
Stephanie Chang - Trophied 2nd
Keith Casey - 15th
Corey Ridgick - Trophied 5th
Anthony Defiore - 36th
Sho Torii - 24th
Keiko Tsuzuro - 7th
Mark Daddio - 1st
Chris Travis - Trophied 4th
Nelson Antunes - Trophied 6th

Congrats go out to Mark Daddio for collecting the ProSolo and Solo Championships (Junior and Strano did too!). I don't know any of the real stories but watching results I was very impressed with the Carris'. Chris' push on his last runs to get up to 2nd at the Finale was total perserverance. Chris also got to knock out Mark 1st round in the Challenge! Sorry Mark, it's just more fun rooting for the underdog! Diana's 3rd place at Nats was only .25 sec out of 1st and must have been heart breaking after holding 1st place on day 1. That's the kind of loss that makes the fire inside burn hot, I've got a feeling this will only push you more Diana! Corey did some ass kicking at the Pro and then had an eye opener at Nats, gonna be a long winter of setup planning for you!

Final Results for Solo Nationals:

Here's an interesting video on the net:

Dan Cernese' pics from the Pro Finale and Nationals:

makofoto's pics:

Even more pics!


Sunday, September 23, 2007

NNJR - 9/22

chris s. here..

Yesterday's autox was NNJR's last points event for the season. The track layout was a Perry special, with a loop-around shortly after the start. Walking the course was definitely key, since there was a tricky right hand turn after the double cone gate, which I missed on my first run. The first heat was almost complete when the clouds started to move in. Then came the torrential downpour! It was decided that we were going to take a half hour break before the next heat. Luckily the rain slowed down before too long, and the second heat commenced. There was a ton of standing water, so traction was at a minimum. The average autocrosser doesn’t have a ton of experience driving on wet pavement and things were a little tricky. By the third heat, the water started to displace, but a ton of cars were still spinning out (Twice me included!). During last heat, the pavement really started to dry up as the sun shined, and many cars were posting times matching/beating the first heat’s runs. All in all, it was a fun day. I really learned the limits of my car in the rain, as did most people!

Sunday, September 16, 2007


it's been a while since i've posted but we were back behind the wheel today.

i took tricky for a ride on this one.. 51.7 +1 i think.

pax shook out with jay, gj, me, and kevin taking the top four spots in that order.

with the autox season winding down and no topeka for me (good friends' wedding next weekend), i've turned my focus towards training for the nyc ms bike tour. as if a flat 100 miles weren't bad enough, this ride includes a lap around nyc, a bomber run through the lincoln tunnel into jersey(sans cars), a brutal climb up the palisades to rockland county (with some sick elevation changes along the way), then back across the gwb to the start/finish on the west side.

this will be my 2nd year doing the century (100 miles) with the nyc ms bike tour. they say a century is a biker's equivalent to running a marathon. of course the physical pain is killer but i think the mental pain is even worse! i've been training hard to beat my 6hr 30min time of last year. after today's event, i went for a quick 10 mile sprint... i've logged 740 miles in the saddle since this time last year!

make a difference... help fight multiple sclerosis! any donations to support me on my ride to support MS would be greatly appreciated..

or better yet, sign up and join me! i could use a training partner that isn't a pussy (you know who you are!). there are 30 and 60 mile route options for the less crazy..


p.s. keep your eyes out for a topeka report from carris and valera... good luck guys!