Saturday, December 8, 2007

video setup

thought i'd share my setup for internal/external videos:

  • sony dcr-hc32 minidv camcorder (to record)
  • hoyttech lipstick camera
  • external mic
  • chasecam triple suction cup mount

minidv camcorder- i use a sony dcr-hc32 camcorder. touchscreen, remote.. it was relatively cheap and has worked flawlessly. they also sell solid state devices to record to which may be easier to deal with. i just never looked into it since i wanted the flexibilty have using the camcorder for other applications.

lipstick cam- i got mine from (same sony camera that chasecam sells at a better price). It's a 580 line camera.. here's the direct link: click me

external mic (stereo)- click me

that's it.. simple and easy to use. now to figure out how to get a PIP footwell shot.. maybe something we'll work on for '08. a little creativity with ductape may be the answer!

hope this helps,


Anonymous said...

u have ugly hands

dan said...

and you have sexy hands? hugo? ha

William said...

I've been looking for some options also. I'm sure hard drive camcorder won't work at Nassau C. Anyone can recommend a cheap flash memory video recorder/camcorder(with Video in)?

I got a cheap big sucker from HK last month. It's also available on B&H. I'm sure it won't fall. It REALLY stick.