Friday, December 28, 2007

Some Holiday Cheer

While everyone is enjoying the new toys that Santa brought them, I took some time to reflect back on a present that I really wish was under the fireplace. Take a look at around a minute until a bit past the finish line to see what eluded me, ultimately causing jolly ol' St. Nick to leave me a lump of coal (hint: listen carefully, the audio is just as important to this little story).

WARNING: this video contains language that may not be suitable for children or those with weak constitutions.

Hey, there's always next year, right?  Enjoy your holidays!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007


happy holidays!!! i can hardly believe xmas is now behind us and we are almost into 2008. this just means that we'll be autoxing soon!

i've been logging some serious miles in the s2k and testing my wet/frozen weather car control. still on summer tires!

here are some shots i snapped this weekend at camp woozy to beat the winter blues. too bad we can't capture the wonderful ferrari sound in a still image.

have a great one!


Monday, December 24, 2007

For Sale: Tein Super Racing Coilovers

I've got a set of Tein Super Racing coilovers for sale that just came off my evo. Nothing is wrong with these, simply moving to a different setup.

These helped get me BSP class wins at 3 SCCA National level events in 2007 (Devens National Tour, DC ProSolo & Romulus ProSolo) as well as numerous regional class wins, top PAX and FTD. Spring rates that come with the dampers are 12kg/mm front and 16kg/mm rear. The stock 10kg/mm rear springs are also included. I can also provide ride heights, alignment, rebound & compression settings as well as tire pressure (if you happen to be running 285/30-18 V710's).

Everything Tein supplies is included: dampers, damping adjustment tool, coilover wrenches, camber bolts, camber offset bushings, instructions and even the stickers. Also included is an extra set of 16kg/mm rear springs.

The dampers have approx 12k miles on them and show no signs of leakage. These have never seen snow and rarely rain.

Features include: spring preload and ride height are independently adjustable, separate rebound & compression settings, camber/caster front "camber" plates, pillowball bushings front and rear, external reservoirs on rear dampers, camber is adjustable via offset bushings on the lower mount and the upper camber plates.

Here's a couple links to Tein's website:

Asking Price $2200 SHIPPED This includes shipping via UPS Ground and the extra set of rear 16kg/mm Tein springs. Parts are ready to be shipped now.Payment is accepted as cash (in person) or USPS Money Orders. I will consider personal checks but the parts will NOT be shipped until the check clears. For more pics or info shoot me an email at


Wednesday, December 19, 2007

new ride

here are a couple shots of the new (used) s2k.. it was too well kept to pass up... only 24k miles on an '01!! the hardtop sweetened the deal for me. i love the look and functionalilty. maybe it'll get a couple xmas presents once the sti is gone.. strictly autox related of course!

4 cars at my house.. my neighbors must hate me! ek civic, sti, 2.5rs and now this.. the sti and ek will eventually be gone.. hondas and subies.. love em!

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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

on track

Announcing the next running of the OTK IRONMAN on Wednesday, December 19, 2007. 100 laps in the opposite direction! Only $90 per person ($40 non-refundable deposit required). Call or stop-by the track to reserve your spot today!

call for more info
(203) 626-0464

Saturday, December 8, 2007

video setup

thought i'd share my setup for internal/external videos:

  • sony dcr-hc32 minidv camcorder (to record)
  • hoyttech lipstick camera
  • external mic
  • chasecam triple suction cup mount

minidv camcorder- i use a sony dcr-hc32 camcorder. touchscreen, remote.. it was relatively cheap and has worked flawlessly. they also sell solid state devices to record to which may be easier to deal with. i just never looked into it since i wanted the flexibilty have using the camcorder for other applications.

lipstick cam- i got mine from (same sony camera that chasecam sells at a better price). It's a 580 line camera.. here's the direct link: click me

external mic (stereo)- click me

that's it.. simple and easy to use. now to figure out how to get a PIP footwell shot.. maybe something we'll work on for '08. a little creativity with ductape may be the answer!

hope this helps,