Thursday, November 20, 2008

Solo Invitational


I'm involved with running an invitational karting event at Grand Prix New York this Sunday. We have some seats still available, so I wanted to pass the information on to everyone. If you are interested, please contact me, or Stan Marcewicz:



Grand Prix New York
333 North Bedford Road
Mt. Kisco, NY 10549

Event Name: "Solo Invitational"

Cost: $130 per person

Payment: Individual charges to each racer once 26 racers are achieved...Chris K at GPNY is handling payment registration calls from the individual racers via 914-358-3630 or via email to

Check in time at GPNY: 9 AM on Sunday the 23rd. check in / weigh in / safety movie & waivers as required / drivers meeting

Drivers Meeting: 9:20-9:30 am

Race Start: 9:45 am

Race Format:

26 Racers in total, Qualifying order will be a random drawing. Each group of 13 drivers will have 2 qualifying races.

All racers will be weighed and balasted correctly to make the racing more fair for everyone.

There will be 2 qualifying races:
1- 10 minute qualifying race on Uptown
1- 10 minute qualifying race on Downtown

Your Fastest Lap from each qualfying session will be added together to determine the starting grid for the main races.

15 minute break between Qualifying and the Main

There will be an A Main group and B Main group.

There will be 2 Main races
1- 15 minute Main on Uptown backwards
1- 15 minute Main on Downtown Backwards

Each Main race you earn points on finishing position. The number of points you receive is equal to the position you finish in. The overall winner will be determined by who has the least amount of points at the end of both races. If there is a tie, it will be based on qualifying position.

Expected finishing time will be around 11:30 am- 12:00 pm

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

minor damage

a few minutes and a couple zip ties and we were good to good. if we had a drill, there would have been more zip ties.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


rallyx spec racing!

hugo wants to get in on the rallyx action and doesn't have a car.. so he's going to rent one for this sunday. probably a cobalt/focus or whatever they have for cheap.

then we got to thinking - maybe a bunch of guys should all rent the same cars, pile a bunch of drivers in each (3 drivers is doable) and have a spec rallyx showdown.

i don't know how we'd explain the mud when returning the cars but i'm sure we could come up with something good. haha.

rallyx sunday!

rallyx this sunday with pscc up at greigs farm in redhook ny.

View Larger Map

about 2 hrs north of the city.. we'll be waking up early for this one.


Thursday, November 6, 2008

4g at nhis

booch giving the 4g some much needed exercise with COMSCC at loudon.

i was offered an arrive and drive but to be honest, 2 wheels on track beats 4 wheels hands down! maybe one day i will get the bug again. plus tucker wasn't available to be my cabbie.

here's the in-car:

COM Time Trials @ NHMS 11/2/08 from Ryan Catucci on Vimeo.


gpny this sunday 11/9

anyone want to join a few of us this sunday at gpny for some karting action? 4 races for $80. that should be more than plenty.


Monday, November 3, 2008

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

For Sale...08 STI parts

It's been a rough season for us to say the least. Our 08 STI is now we have some goodies to sell.
--AST Shocks - Custom Built for 08 STI (SOLD).
These are custom built one-off shocks. Made for the 2008 STI (or 2009 STI). They are double adjustable with external reservior for nitrogen charge. These are built to SCCA Autox A-Stock specs. They have 12 adjustments of rebound & 11 adjustments for compression. Both Front & Rears are technically threaded coil overs & can be readapted to full coilover shocks.
I spent a total of $5875 for these ($5125 for the shocks plus $750 for a stock set of STI shocks for the custom build). If you plan on running a 08 or 09 STI in Stock class, don't pass up these shocks! Had it not been for all of our engine problems running the 08, I wouldn't have gotten rid of the car & wouldn't be selling these.
Price: $3800.00
--Kosei K3 rims (SOLD). 18 x 8.5 with 50mm offset
with Kosei caps, centering rings (for a Subaru), never been used blue metal valve stems and lugs with key. Weight 19.2 lbs each. Rims never used on street only for one autox event.
Price $800.00
--Hoosier Wets (SOLD). Four 275 x 35 R18. 24 Runs on the set. All tires purchased in 2008
Price $450.00
--Many tires...all Hoosier A6 295x 30 R18 (8 tires left). All tires purchased in 2008.
(1) never been heat cycled sticker Hoosier, Price $200. (SOLD)
(4) used Hoosiers. Used for 8 runs each. Price $120 per tire. (SOLD)
(12) used Hoosiers. All with under 40 runs. Price $100 per tire. (8 tires still available!)
(4) used Hoosiers. All with well over 40 runs. Price $50 for the set of 4. (trashed)
The more tires you are willing to buy the more I am willing to negotiate on price.
Also have items below if interested...
--Niles Sway bar with Perrin endlinks (SOLD)
--Hawk HP Plus Brake Pads (SOLD)
--K&N Intake Filter
--Schroth 4 point Harness with pads

Monday, October 20, 2008

rs put to use

i missed all the fun to spend time with the fam but adil and the carris duo put the rs to good use. that's right, 3 drivers, 1 car.

my consolation was getting the carrera while the suby was getting exercised. not a bad trade.





pine barrens rally nov 22nd.. that i am not missing!

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Thursday, October 9, 2008

rallyx time!

Time to get your rallyx on..

October 19th in Upper Red Hook, NY (about 2 hrs north of NYC)

here's a little inspiration


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Solo Nationals Video!

I planned to add this video to another post, but I'm tired and want to get this up tonight. Here is our fast runs (except my east course) from Topeka.

Dan East

Jay East

Dan West

Jay West

If you want to see more I have all our video up on vimeo here:

- Jay

Jay got on the podium!!

Oh crap, I never got to congratulate Jay for making it count when it matters and coming in 2nd in BSP at Nationals! Tom Berry is a multi-national champion with years of experience. We were also surprised to hear that Aaron Miller has been going to Nats for the past 14 yrs so the competition was not easy. Our car is down on power compared to the 9's but Jay was able to take advantage of the kickass handling, put on the pressure, and drive his heart out to impress us all.

HUGE congrats to Jay and HUGE thanks for letting me warm the tires.

You will most likely see us back to Topeka next year looking for even better results!

Thanks Tucker for the PBA card. We'll have to tell you that story in person. I'll let you think you're faster at Stillwell for the next ride.


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Nationals Test & Tune Video

We managed to take some video of our afternoon test and tune runs. These courses were just modified ProSolo Finale courses. Very simple and straight forward. Weather was overcast in the 60's. Grip level was so-so. My car tends to feel great in these conditions, but then gets worse when it gets hotter. More on that with our Nationals video.

Something we found out about driving style is Dan still thinks he's in an STi. He goes out through all the offsets and the rear end is crazy. The moment he gets offline the car is backwards and we are staring at a couple hundred $$ in A6's. I drive afterward and the car was fine for me. What gives? Dan was lifting hard and turning in at the same time to get the evo to rotate. Totally necessary in his STi, not so in the evo. He goes out after we discuss this and also make a rear rebound adjustment and Dan runs a 28.8 to my 29.0! Needless to say we were quite happy about that as the car felt good and times were also good in comparison to others we saw.

Here's Dan's spin run, my 29.0 and his 28.8. Notice how "slow" his 28.8 looks, but also how he is on point with his line. Tight everywhere he needs to be, this was kind of an eye opener to both of us.

Look for our Nationals video and writeup soon. We also have a time lapse vid of the drive home.

- Jay

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sunday: Test and Tune Day

Fri/Sat - 1350 paranoid miles in the evo

So I thought (still think) there is something wrong with my car. I swapped a ton of parts recently and still think there is an issue. Oh well, Dan didn't think so. Based on that we made the decision to drive out to Topeka for Solo Nationals at HPT.

1350 miles. 56 gallons of gas. 22 hours of travel time. Swapping tires front to rear at Bob Evans in Ohio so they wouldn't cord the fronts! Catching zzz's in the passenger seat. Rocking ear plugs for at least 20 of those hours in the car. One cop in Bernardsville, NJ decided he didn't like Dan. Watching Dan's reaction to people in the middle of the country, priceless. So many things occurred in 22 hours, including being totally out of your mind. Weird and fun.

Ok,so here is Dan getting pulled over. Just to set the scene its like 12:45 AM, a little rainy and I'm trying to sleep in the passenger side, pillow from home and all. All of our gear is in the car, including tires.

We are cruising 70-75 in a 65. Dan gets lit up and we pull over. The cop is up to the car super fast, never ran the plates.

Cop: License and registration please. Do you know why I pulled you over?
Dan: (Dan hands him his license and PBA card, Thanks Tucker!).....uuhhhh....I was just cruising with traffic. (this is true)
Cop: Well you were swerving through lanes and have a loud muffler.
Cop: How is your record?
Dan: Perfect.
Cop: Have you guys been drinking tonight?
Us: No.
Cop: Why is your spare tire in the back seat?
Jay: They are competition tires.
Cop: Have a good night.

This guy is gone with the quickness. He was so hyped and talking damn fast. Weird. I think he was expecting kids in the evo with all these stickers. Too bad he found 2 old (30) guys that still had 20 hours of driving ahead.

Then we had a quick stop in PA for some snacks and gas. No gas but we pee'd and got food. Mind you it must be 2 AM at this point. So Dan's looking at some chips and this guy comes over with a mop bucket. He HAD to mop the floor were Dan was standing at that very point in time. Remember it's 2 AM. We paid and left...quickly.

This is not an easy trip. Thankfully we caught up with the Carris' for dinner at the Blind Tiger Brewery and then passed out. I haven't had that much continuous sleep in a long time...something like 11+ hours. Phenomenal.

Tomorrow (well today, but we're behind on updates) is the test and tune. Video will be up after we get back. Sorry guys, I forgot my cable for the camera.


Friday, September 12, 2008

front diff swap

what do you do the night before you leave for topeka? swap front diffs.. that's what we do

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

nats in a week!

wish us luck at topeka!   we barely had seat-time in the car and it's off to the big battle in a few days! (as long as the car is reliable enough to make the haul out!) 

jay is wrenching away on some evo bugs and i'm recovering from a fast and hard lowside on sunday at pocono..  

lots of excuses for me.  damp/green track after the crazy rain + cold race tires, inside line passing a bunch of guys.  got right back on the bike (adrenaline hid the pain) and finished out 5 more sessions.. 

click on the pic and you can see some added ventilation in my suit.. dunno how i blew the inner arms made of kevlar thread??


Tuesday, September 2, 2008

lean angle

still recovering from my 2nd track day on a bike.. again at pocono east, this time with NESBA.   great club, kickass instructors!

since i’ve reached a point where my learning curve is leveling off for autox and i've gotten pretty good at sliding a car around a track, it was time for a new challenge.  my love for 2 wheels resulted in the next logical step.  i started riding on a 250cc ninja back in college which is all i could afford at the time.  the price of admission was only $1150 so it was great poorman’s fun!   sold it when i graduated and i really never had a desire to ride on the street here at home.   so after a 10 year break, i’m back on a bike and now a novice again!  It’s actually very cool to be the student. 

i had gotten my feet wet on a street-legal yamaha r6 earlier this year and decided it would be wiser to buy a track-only bike..  not only is the upfront cost slightly less, but it also is cheaper to repair/replace race bodywork if and when you go down.  no expensive street parts to break! 

here are some of my 2 wheel learning experiences that i’ll try to share- 

as with cars, proper lines are the key to quick laptimes..  turning in too early will pinch you on the exits.  very bad.  backing off the throttle and/or applying the brakes while leaned over is not a good feeling.. bikes like to have rearward weight bias, i.e., they like to have the throttle cracked open (compare the shape of front vs rear tires on a bike to understand why)

trailbraking (self-preservation tendencies) into a corner causes the bike to want to stand up, not naturally fall-in to the corner to turn.  it’s a battle between balls and fear.  again, as with cars, nailing the corner entry is everything.   except with the bike, going in too fast will probably result in pain.

when your kneepucks touch the ground, it’s not a pleasant feeling- it’s hard plastic grinding on the rough track surface at a high speed.. takes a little getting used to.  you naturally want to stop leaning at that point and start picking the bike up..  another feeling to overcome.  the lightbulb went on for me when i built the confidence to continue to crank the bike over.  more lean angle = higher cornering speeds.  bingo. quicker lap times. 

i finally experienced what the pros refer to when they say they, ‘get in a good rhythm’.. everything flows very nicely when you’re not fighting the bike.  taking the right lines, smooth inputs, good corner entry speed...  a kickass feeling once you have the confidence to carry the speed that results in fluid direction changes.  it all comes together.

what’s my end goal?  joey is optimistic and says i’ll prolly be instructing by 2010 but that might be pushing it.  maybe instructing will be a byproduct of my real goal- to have the control to carry a shit-ton of speed into a corner, 'back the bike in' with the tail out, then powerslide out of the corner.  what i dream of.  if i can accomplish that, i will be satisfied, hang up the helmet, and find another challenge!  here’s an example:


for me, there is nothing more satisfying than taking on a new challenge and being on the steep part of that learning curve.   i had to pinch myself after waking up monday morning to confirm if getting that knee down and railing around corners actually took place on sunday.  

trying to share the feeling is nothing like experiencing it firsthand.  so it's only logical for you to join me at the track!  holunfie2 needs to be formed.


Monday, September 1, 2008

got turbo? mikey does.. SOLD!!!


here's your chance to get a supercar for a bargain.

mint 2004 996TT.. 55k miles.. $55k. this is priced to sell (below book value). making room for something very very badass.

awd, navi, ultra comfy, stupid power.

full ad here:

putting it up at an attractive price, otherwise it's going to be traded in and marked up $10k more by the dealer.


Sunday, August 10, 2008


jay and i made the trip up to devens again to help out with the bmw school.. tons of seat time, kickass students, great vibe.. wish they had these every month!

a couple pics of the hms hardware..

...also picked up my other honda on the way back!

jay and i will finally get the evo out to some local events coming up before topeka. we need time in it!


Tuesday, August 5, 2008

August DOTM!

more holunfie crew featured in perry's DOTM on

congrats chris and diana!
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Monday, August 4, 2008

bmw at nassau

picked up a new lens for my cam and took some shots at bmwcca at nassau.. some faces you may know..


lens 'testing'

aaron back in the game!

matt k

..couple more pics

tommy aka tucker



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Thursday, July 17, 2008

team woozy gixxer for sale *****SOLD!****

^pre-upgrades, awesome lines on this bike

a rare find for sale.. only 535 miles on this cherry '04 gsxr600. it's barely broken in.

this bike is showroom and sounds badass!

$6500. 'slightly' negotiable. get in touch with me if you're serious. or pass the word. this is way cheaper than a new bike yet it is virtually new with tasteful upgrades. i also have vortex rearsets that will cost a little extra if the buyer wants them.

i bought this bike from joey's stable with the intention of turning it into a trackbike but decided it would be wiser to buy a 'disposable' racebike instead. so now i'm forced to recharge the bank account and also make room in the garage for my 2 wheeled honda!

^clean undertail with integrated LED turn signals, LOR cf exhaust

^smoked flushmounts, frame sliders

fuel injection (screw carbs!), steering damper, shift light. clean title, one owner. never stunted or abused in any way. any questions, just ask. i can deliver within a reasonable distance.


devens school with bmw

jay and i had the privilege of instructing for the bmwcca at devens this past sunday. we've gotta thank steve hazard for an absolutely kickass day.

i finally made up for the lack of seat time all year, and it was a great feeling to help novices out. one example- i hopped in with a kid in an older gen stock 5 series on old crusty tires. i rode along for 2 runs, made some suggestions. while he was understanding what i was saying, it wasn't really clicking for him. we were talking through technique, and i paused.. wait a sec, it's easier for me to just show you instead of tell you.. want me to take you for a run? he said, please! we traded seats, and i had a ball floggin the big old 5. you could almost see it all make sense in his reaction. holy crap! that was awesome! I checked in with him after he took another run.. how'd it go? with a huge grin on his face..(his energy level was way up). "i spun all over the place but i had a blast!" so i hopped in for a ride along on the next run and talked him through it as we went.. we were cheering through the offsets into the finish since he was really hustling the car by that point.. as we did a recap.. i noticed he had 'the shakes'. his excitement level went from blah earlier in the day to the shakes.. he was amped and i think we have yet another sucker hooked on autox.

kickass day reason #2. on an equal playing field, i beat jay hands down in diane's accord lunchtime shootout. where was simmonz when we needed him.. i should have put money on it!

with all the cars we hopped in, stock, modded, bimmers, evo's.. the one car I had THE most fun in? steve t's not so prepped old crx on eibach pro kit lowering springs and generic shocks! maybe it was the dunlops direzzas (way better than neovas!) but the fun level in the crx was through the roof. full throttle, hanging on for dear life through the transitions.. absolute blast! i think i would rawtime slower in the sti. gary t was also killing it in that car! with a little more seat time, you're gonna be right there too steve! forget any mods.. don't touch that thing!

driving various cars throughout the day was an eye opener for me. i now realize it can be just as much fun to hustle a stock or mildly prepped car compared to a tricked out, high dollar shock, stupid fast one. even the accord shootout was tons of fun. don't get me wrong, jay's evo is simply amazing. stupid fast, but it's as if my brain can't process that quickly and i definitely never tap the full potential of the car. a crx on street tires.. totally different.. you have time to setup to nail every single apex yet still be at the limits of traction, foot to the floor, avoiding the brakes at all costs. way too much fun.

anyone have a crx for sale?

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

adil's evo

yet another stupid fast STU car up for grabs.. choose a color- hugo's is silver. adil's is grey.

STU Class prepared 2006 Mitsubishi Evo 9 for Sale. 36k miles. $22,500 .
Perfect except for the front diff which needs some work.

Vishnu Ohlin suspension
Vishnu/Perrin TBE, high flow cat + custom STU tuned personally by Shiv Pathak
Hotchkiss adjustable rear swaybar
Perrin rear strut tower bar
Performance Friction floating two piece Front Brake rotors + new pads, both with < 2000 miles
AMS front brake cooling ducts.
New OEM clutch with less than 2000 miles.
All underbody plastic panels replaced July 2008.
Blaupunkt Bremen Head unit with steering wheel mounted remote control.
Stock wheels with Nokian winter tires good for at least one more season.
All of the above included in the price.
Extras available:
Volk RE030 17x9 black wheels with Advan Neova AD07 tires with less than 4000 street miles and never Autocrossed. priced $2600.
Volk CE28N 18x9.5 bronze wheels with UNUSED 285/30/18 Kumho V710 mounted and balanced prices $3500.

email for inquiries, or call 917-279-5309 after 7 pm.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


If anyone is interested, the stu evo is for sale

2006 EVO IX 15k Miles
Stored indoor only driven for autox, never seen winter

Car is setup to be very competive in STU, paxed 3rd out of 250 in the 08 dc pro 2/10th behind coreys evo.

ECU custom tune by TT (280whp & 271wtq) dynojet
k&n filter
defi gauges
6.5" DVD navi
teins ra coilover
rear sway bar
dunlop tires
volks wheels
full 3" exhuast with 300 cell cat, also have a brand new 100 cel cat if needed
racing seat & harness

KBB for the stock car is $26,695, looking in that range depends on what other spare part u want with it.
Car is ready for NT and prosolo, no adjustment needed

also have a lot of spares (rims, springs, bumper, sway bar...ect), too much to list. come check it out at the next autox if interested.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

bike for sale ***SOLD*****

anyone want to join me at the track?

i need to make room in my garage. too many bikes.

this is a mint '01 r6 with ~3900 miles up for grabs. runs like a champ.

click on the slideshow for bigger pics



Tuesday, June 24, 2008

2008 DC ProSolo

This event is the one we all look forward to the most every year. This is what got some of holunfie to start traveling a little. It is hands down one of my favorite weekends of the year.

With that said I have several people I need to thank. Hugo generously allowed me to drive his STU Evo after my BSP (Break Some Parts) car had some drivetrain issues on the way down to DC. Really sucked after being up til 2AM prepping the car. Chris & Diana Carris went out of their way to get my car home on Sunday night. Seriously, we had to deflate the trailer tires just to get the evo on that thing. We also swapped street tires from my car onto the Sti so Diana could drive home. I know Chris didn't get home til at least 1am either. PJ Corrales also kept on eye on the evo through NYC where we must have passed each other 10 times. Then he pulls my phone number out of thin air to see if the evo was ok. Chris Shin was nice enough to lend his Mom's driveway as a peaceful resting spot for the evo during the weekend. Hope your Mom's not pissed about the HOA joke!!!! Chris was also cool enough to let Dan codrive his Sti for the weekend. Seriously, I cannot begin to explain how good it feels to have a group of genuine friends like these. The solo community is a rare breed.

Well, onto the competition!

The Carris' had a feel good weekend in the STi with Chris placing 3rd in AS and Diana taking 2nd in L1. Just wait til the marshmellow gets dampers! STU had myself in 3rd, Namer in 5th on Pinks!!, Iman pluggin 6th, Hugo 9th, Dan 10th (yes Dan, Hugo beat yoooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!hahahaha) & Chris Shin in 15th. Whew..what a crew in STU. DaveMac pulled the upset on that class over Corey by .044 seconds, sick battle! GJ won HS, no surprise there!

Here's some video of Hugo and my fast runs left and right.

Hugo Left

Hugo Right

Jay Left

Jay Right

I almost shed a tear! :( Not really. But the front lip was sacrificed to get this thing on!!


Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!!

I was sitting around this morning watch the LeMans 24hr and realized there are a ton of guys who are dads now!

So, Happy Father's Day to Kevin, Hugo, Sammy, Billy, Richie, Tony "Mario", Perry, Jeff, Chris Chang, Mark D., Adil & Rich Wayne. If I forgot you sorry!!

A dad can dream right!?

- Jay

Thursday, June 12, 2008


click here for the wiki

"STU: The idea is to take a really nice expensive street car, make it uncomfortable and barely streetable, then not let it run DOT R's, so it'll go slower than the stock version of the same car."

so true

devens vids

here's my perspective (dan) from devens:

saturday was a little tough getting up to speed. chris and i were both trying to adapt to the car in 3 runs. we were shaving big time run after run. by the 3rd run, we were pretty close. i was .13 sec off chris who was about .2 off jay's best from earlier in the day. (chris and i were in 2,3 behind don in his mazdaspeed miata on saturday)

by sunday, we had the 1,2 position overall after 2 runs. thinking we could really go balls to the wall (on the more evo 'friendly' course) on the last run chris put down a great time and i choked and drove like poo. little did i know that while i was on course, don would drive his heart out and find another second on this last run!! wow!! we thought ed and don had squeezed all they had out of that little miata!

great driving by matt d. too. congrats on the trophy.

big thanks to jay and the carris duo.. i show up with a helmet and get a badass car and a great time!

chris and i owe huge thanks to jay. he gave up his spot in bsp for chris and i which put him up against the best in our sport. as i said to him all weekend.. nothing to lose, so much to gain. it didn't happen this time but there's always the next event! daddio also mounted up sticker hoosiers up front for the event whereas we were on 40+ run hoosiers that many would have tossed. had we mounted up a fresh set, who knows what would've happened.

so final results were BSP:
1st- don
2nd- chris
3rd- dan
4th- matt

1st- daddio
2nd- jay
3rd- pj

as expected, corey walked away with stu, but our man iman held a strong lead in 2nd place over jake in 3rd. killer driving by diana (codriving hugo's evo) on sunday who unfortunately coned her runs on saturday. she was 2nd ftd on sunday in class in a car she's never driven!

on to the vids:

Saturday onboard:







Monday, June 9, 2008

Raceway Park Road Course

Raceway Park's road course was open to the public June 6-8 signifying the official opening of the track. I attended the second day of the event. This was my first event of this type, and I had a great time even with the horrible heat! I was able to run 15 laps, and would have gone for another 5, if I hadn't run out of gas. Lots of hot cars, saw a Ferrari and other full blown racecars.

Me chasing an EVO (need to work on better lines)

Raceway Park Road Course - EVO from C S on Vimeo.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


tonight was a busy night in preparation for the weekend.

jay should have our race fuel by now, carris should have applied his tire flipping/rain mounting skills, and i uh.. i've been catching up on 2-wheeled racing on the dvr.

we're gonna have some fun @ the devens national tour with the 3 of us battling it out in jay's bsp machine. i'm dying to try out that launch control on race gas! no more pussy footing jay!

chris will be warming my tires for me in BSP (i'll need all the help i can get) and jay will be up against daddio in SM! the alien can be beat! we are due for an exciting weekend.

full report with in-car early next week! wish us luck!


Tuesday, May 27, 2008

NNJR Autox - E-Town Roadcourse

This past Saturday NNJR held their fourth points event at E-Town. It was the second event that NNJR had at the roadcourse, and was a quite a treat. Definitely a change of pace from the normal parking lot, as higher speeds were achievable in many sections of the course. Thanks to the excellent course layout, fast speeds were capped at the right spots to ensure safety. This is the first autox where I was able to use fourth gear in my STi. Hopefully NNJR has more events held there, as it was as much of a blast as Corvette Day '07.

Chris C. co-drove my car, and gave me some pointers on car setup/driving. He was able to acheive 3rd in PAX in my STU (psuedo)prepped car! Thanks for the help, and hope things work out with your car.

-Chris S.

Here is Chris's fastest (clean) run:

NNJR Autox 5.24.08 from C S on Vimeo.

Here is an angle shot of his last run:

NNJR Autox 5.24.08 from C S on Vimeo.

And my fastest run:

NNJR Autox 5.24.08 from C S on Vimeo.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Boston BMWCCA Autox

So I was really hoping for Dan and I to do a warmup event this last weekend. Unfortunately Dan didn't get in to the event so I ran myself. Typically there is a good DSP contingent (Mike Shields, Chris Franson, Alex Shipkov sp?? & now Nate Whipple) at these events and Steve Hazard finally had his BSP M3 back in action. The courses are typically a blast.

I managed to raw time the DSP guys, but I am quite sure they nailed me in PAX. They are a tough group to get past up there.

As for the car, I am really pleased with the new damper setup, diffs and hoosiers. The car has lost a couple of bad traits from last year and is just sick on corner exits.

Here's some video of my fast morning and afternoon runs.

Run 4

Run 8

I have some MaxQ data from the event, as soon as I find a decent way to present it I'll post up some stuff. If anyone (Mike & Chris!) would like to exchange data I'd love to see it. I can be reached at


Friday, May 23, 2008

holunfie +1

holunfie is multiplying! congrats kev and doris!!

..and kev's still going to try to autox on saturday.. lol


Sunday, May 18, 2008

pocono east on the r6

9 sessions on two wheels at pocono east!

here's one lap with the rear cam. i followed joey for a few warm up laps, then he got tired and waved me by on this one-

Pocono East 5/17/08 Rearcam from dan cheung on Vimeo

a lap chasing down a carrot..

pocono east buttcam from dan cheung on Vimeo.

if you ride, getting on the track is a must if you haven't!

i need to get back behind the wheel soon! devens with jay next sunday.. looking forward to it! and wtf happened at NYR?? glad i wasn't there.

Friday, May 2, 2008


check it out.. guess who's May Driver of the Month!!!


here is his thinking to himself, "maybe i should go 1mm smaller on the front bar"

Congrats Jay! You the man.


decided carbs suck and fuel injection rocks.. pocono on the 17th on 2 wheels. woop!


Monday, April 28, 2008

sunday errands

this is how my sunday morning started.. wake up and take a quick ride to the west side to pick up this from a ferrari fanatic (on his 5th exhaust):

stop by queens on the way back to finalize the deal on a tracktoy.. a low mileage zx7r-


brunch with eric and steph to celebrate my new purchase, and rush home to sell the civic.. to a fellow autoxer.

wrapped up the day with a bbq with the fam and watched ama superbike racing on the dvr before hitting the sack. great day.

the bike was actually cheaper than the USED exhaust! just signed up for some 2 wheel tracktime at pocono in a few weeks. now i have some leathers and an onboard camera to shop for!

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Monday, April 21, 2008


while hugo and gj were at giants, jay, the carris duo, chris travis, and i were at stratford ct with fscc. i go where the evo goes!

so the carris's were flogging the new sti and it rocks. travis wasn't far behind on 888's and jay and i were breaking in the sticker hoosiers.

no in-car, no data.. just driving for jay and i.

jay got ftd but edged out in pax by matt murray. i'm still unprogramming my street tire brain! but getting there.



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