Sunday, September 30, 2007

moldy bread

So Dan has been telling me that our readers would like to see some new content. I get it, I think the page has been stale myself.

As for the lack of content I think Dan has been cycling quite a bit and actually has a girlfriend. Uh-oh, is he gonna fall off? I've been busy as hell with the new job and Diane is getting ready to pop with boy #2. :)

Here's a peek into some new topics I'd like to write about.

I know Charith still wants to see my home alignment how-to, maybe we'll get his car in the garage for pics.

I've also been on the hunt for some old results and pics from back in '99, '00 and '01. These were very much the formative years of what have turned out to be the long lasting friendships and rivalries of holunfie. I think it will be nice to show where we came from, cause it sure as hell wasn't 300+ hp AWD rally cars. Here's a sneak peek...icky body roll, stock tires and loaner helmets!...yuck

Dan and I are talking about a codrive situation in my bsp evo for next year. The both of us are continually looking at ways to improve our driving and get to the point our old benchmarks are at now. If this happens look for some awesome content next season. Think technical. I'd love to have 2 cameras taping both of us, datalogging runs and comparing driving. Logging tire temps, G's, run count, and weather to try and get a real world correlation for grip levels and heat range as well as grip levels over the life of a tire. Does spraying tires heat cycle them to death? This is some stuff I'd like to know and we'd like to share it.
Anatomy of a BSP build might make it too. I've got lots of pics and data from the development and actual build of the evo. This would probably be pretty interesting for you evo owners.

If anyone has a topic they'd like to read about simply post a comment.
Now onto the cool multimedia content. NYR's Bo (of Setup fame) has put some time into making a nice video from our last regional event at Nassau. There's quite a few people tearing up a slalom mid way through the course. You'll def recognize a few names in here. Find out who's tidy and who's not:

You can also check out more videos at his youtube page here:


Chris said...

Jay, any chance of seeing a writeup of that DYI smartstrings rig I've heard about?

dan said...

thanks jay! glad you're picking up where i've left off!

adil and i will be rallyxing the rs soon.. grandview in PA at the end of the month if anyone wants to get dirty

Jay said...

That's the alignment we are talking about. The writeup will have my ghetto-rig. Thing is my car won't get a fresh alignment til spring. Dan's Sti will be ready for his winter setup soon, so there's a good chance.

Don't forget tri-states (or bi-states really) on 10/27.

Char said...

Say what? Did I hear something about a free alignment? And knowledge transfer from the BSP guru? It must be Christmas already!

Jay said...

If you want to come up for an alignment let me know. shoot me an email at BTW, NER is running at Devens sunday and the weather looks great. Should be a good late season event.


Char said...

Aww man! I wanted to do one Devens event this year, but my car is in the shop taking care of that deer dent. Are you going for it?