Monday, May 7, 2007

Warminster in-car

my in-car from warminster. had a nice little battle with corey ridgeck.. as narrated by the radio man. fast raw 51.3 seconds (dirty).

the course was FAST.. once out of the big offsets and into the chicago box... i'm into 3rd until the turnaround, 3-2 downshift for turnaround, and back into 3rd. 65mph peak mph!

thoughts about my last run:
  • late entry into the very first slalom.. line is way too tight which f's up the offsets.
  • i bobble in one of the offsets.. although g loading stays smooth. maybe it's due to the smoothing setting in maxQ.
  • shifting eats up 1 full second of not accelerating per upshift, but i HAVE to.
    • this is where gj makes up the significant amount of time with 245/45 tires and a taller 2nd gear in the evo. he's still accelerating as i have to waste a second getting back on the gas
  • i could've carried a few more mph after the chicago box and throughout the back section.
    • balls not big enough.
now gj's run.. different car, superior skills.. 49.6 seconds (dirty). f'in fast.

hugo's fast run.. 54.x seconds.. could use some work but now with the data and in-car, hugo's learning curve 'should' be significantly better than without these tools.

maxQ rocks! we've been dissecting our runs and corresponding videos since the event! at some point i need to purchase the trackvision software to overlay this data onto the video.



Douglas said...

hey dan, re: your bobble and why it didn't show up, it's likely because the sampling rate isn't high enough. i assume you're using the mqgps-bluetooth unit? it samples at 5Hz vs. up to 500Hz from the mq200. obviously still a great tool, but thought i'd point that out.

dan said...

hey doug, it is the maxqgps unit.

good point. it can also be due to the smoothing factor too. haven't played with those settings yet. maybe if i turn the smoothing down, it'll show up.

shows that looking at just data can't tell you everything.