Monday, May 28, 2007

I don't have a monster...

As Dan and Jay said it already, it was quite an event at Englishtown last Saturday. Top 20 competitors in pax are all capable to trophy in national if not already did. The course design was a little different than the tipical etown course, thanks to Perry, he really did a great job designing a fun and exciting course with limited space layout.

There is something I really don't understand and I kinda want to clear the air up... for some reason, people always think my car makes 500hp (maybe because of the aggressive aftermarket bumper) and weight 2500lbs (there are no back seats?), whatever parts that are out there for the Evo, I must have it.... Maybe its my carbonfiber hood or fancy front bumper? The first thing people usually ask when they see me showing up in an event is " So what have you done to your car this time?" I always tell them the same answer, " basic bolt on such as exhaust, intake, bc and coilovers and they always give me that "that's all? err...ok" look. So this year, instead of running SM, I swap my "CFiber" hood back to stock hood, put the rear seats back in, and swap the wider front fenders out for the stock ones and run BSP. the parts that I had which put me in SM weren't really helping me to go fast anyway, so why not just take them out and take advantage of bsp pax factor.

Another reason for me to run in BSP is that Jay, my teamate, is also running in the same class. We've been pushing each other to go faster since we start autoxing. We also both own the same kind of car so its good for us to exchange datas and testing different parts.

Anyway, in the year 2007, I hope Holunfie really grow as a team. Jan, Jay, Dan, Hugo, Aaron and myself will stick together when showing up at an event, to help, support and learn from each other. And most important of all, to enjoy and have fun with our passion/hobby. With that said, Holunfie will be Holunfie!



Christopher said...

Kev, it's gotta be the carbon fiber canards on the front bumper, couldn't possibly be the driver!

Kevin said...

Damn, I knew I shouldn't put the canards on ;)

Slow Toaster said...

Damn Kevin is starting to blog too. Good holunfie team. Keep up the great work.