Sunday, May 6, 2007

maxQ data aq

hugo and i tested out our new maxQ units for the first time today at philly regions warminster event. if you are ready for data aq.. BUY MAXQ. it is sick. you can visually see where you can be faster in between runs. instantly. plus you can overlay runs with your friends. hugo had gj dixon ('05 DS national champ) codrive to check out where he needs to improve.

gj is a driving master. it's all that autox sim time, right gj? above is an overlay of gj and my fast (albeit dirty) runs from todays philly scca event at warminster, pa. you can see the color coding on the left to see what each color represents. the pic is clickable to get a closer look. i'll let you figure out who's who. gj's run would probably have been top pax (had it been clean) against a field of ~210 drivers.

thanks to the philly guys for a great event. we'll be back for sure. video coming soon.


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WilliamK said...

HI guys,

First, it took me a while to figure out what's the team name. Errr... Spanish? Geez, good that I speak Cantonese. =)

Anyway, I'm very interested in the MaxQ toy. Let's me see if I can find a cheap Dell on EBay and try it.

Happy driving.