Tuesday, May 29, 2007


btw, I can offer maxq datalogging if anyone is interested,
that is if i can co-drive your car to compare the data.
I find this is the fastest and cheapest way to learn to go fast for me,
I am not fast by any means, but I think theres always little hint of driving style u can pickup from other people no matter if they r faster or slower then u.

The west coast driver have a lot more seat time then us, I think in order for us to stay on par. We must not be selfish and have to share our finding and push each other harder.

email me for details, hugo.yuk@gmail.com


dan said...

haha that'll do some damage!

Christopher said...

Don't need to look that far ahead to see that beotch!

Kevin said...

OMG! That shit is taller than you.

Christopher said...

Doesn't say much for a little asian man!