Monday, May 28, 2007

NNJR 5/26...more video

This last event was awesome. 18 drivers in Pro class! Holunfie separated by no more than 0.2sec in PAX. I for one am happy to see Kevin back on fresh tires and running hella fast. We both had fresh sets of V710's mounted this week and were curious how our first runs would go. We both pop out of our cars smiling and Kevin is like..." much grip!" It doesn't hurt that we were only about 1 sec off of Daddio's time either.

Couple things worth noting. I gotta give it up for Vern Lyle. He has been coming out to NNJR events in his FM car and wrecking shop raw and PAX! He was pushing himself this past Sat and it showed...he lopped off time on his last run and ended up 0.019 sec behind Daddio's PAX time. To boot he was mumbling about not being fast enough at the awards, I love it! F'in awesome for a guy who is def into his 60's (or more)!

I was also happy to have Richie come down and join us for his very first autox. Congrats on popping the cherry big Dick.

Here's a quick in-car vid of my fast clean run:


Richie said...

Thanks J, and everyone who made it a + exp.

Christopher said...

Good to see you back in NNJR Jay.. Too bad I couldn't make it to the event, wife's birthday, even I'm not dumb enough to miss that!