Monday, May 21, 2007

wanna bet my STU competitors don't do this? how much?

i'm glad jay's contributing because he's one of the few holunfie members that people can actually understand. one day we'll have hugo or jan write a piece for fun. hint: you may hear something about gj's 'breastssss' or a 'wegular pepsi'. no joke.

if you've ever seen my car. you might wonder why it's not so clean. torn fender liner, floppy front bumper, that sandblasted look to my front end. also, why the big mudflaps that i don't bother taking off? (not only because i'm pretty damn lazy)

this is why!

total damage:
  • one broken lca.. what a bitch to replace!
    • tip: do not run a 32mm front swaybar offroad
  • sandblasted front bumper
  • 2 toasted front splitters
    • maybe i should've taken them off beforehand (read lazy comment above)
  • what was left of my v-limited front lip torn off
  • some alignment 'reworking'
of course the experience was priceless. anyone that has any inkling to do the pbx TSD rally.. DO IT!! just borrow your mom's car.

that's why i have to grin a little when i see some STU competitors trailering their super clean awd (street tire shod) rally-derived cars. evo's and sti's wouldn't be what they are if it weren't for the dirt!

so awd STU guys... i propose a minimum of 1 offroad event per year! or a no trailer rule!! just to make things fair you know. i am carrying an extra several lbs of monticello mud in the undercarriage. don't believe me? ask me at the next event and i'll give you some!

just so you guys know.. adil knows whats up. he's rallyx'd in FULL stu trim. even i won't do that!

holunfie rally team

p.s. this blog and related videos are coming down when the car goes up for sale!


Christopher said...

Dan that was freakin' fun man. If Joe doesn't wanna co-drive PBX, let me know. We'll win.

Oh and this year, try to not make up time by flooring it! Time allowances are our friends!!

-MISOSLO Rally Team

Douglas said...

??? are you really selling at some point soon? i was curious to see if you were gonna go to nationals this year. :)

dan said...

haha. no, the car isn't going up for sale anytime soon. it may be like my ek hatch. i refuse to sell it!

topeka? maybe.

Rich said...

Glue the front lip back together....I'm sure someone will buy that.