Sunday, May 27, 2007

may 26th @ etown

holy shit! is that kevin actually WORKING!?

white evo, white sti, white evo, white sti, white evo, white sti

who loves hamsters in their butt?... uh, looks like jay does!

holy crap! what an event! with a solid entry list including many national champs, this was one that we were excited about. the philly guys drove up, an alien made an appearance, and holunfie had to see where we would stack up against some of the best.

check out the names scattered throughout the top 20 in pax.. click it.

as you can see, kev, jay, and i did pretty damn well considering the competition.

this event was a unique one. the top 6 drivers in the pro class (and many others) pulled their best times in the first run of either the 1st or 2nd heat. mine happened to be the very first run of the day. the hot and humid air really took its toll on the cars. no matter what i tried, i just couldn't get close to my very first run of the day. frustrating, but good to know that i am able to make it count out of the gate.

here's the incar. as you can see i left some time on the table.

here's an overlay of 2 pm runs. unfortunately, didn't capture the quick one.

i've gotta say that i'm proud of holunfie.. we have really stepped it up in 07. now to regroup and mentally prepare for the upcoming national tour at devens.

have a great memorial day!


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Rich said...

That's so funny. I know of 4 people who has hampsters in their but that day. Including me.