Sunday, May 18, 2008

pocono east on the r6

9 sessions on two wheels at pocono east!

here's one lap with the rear cam. i followed joey for a few warm up laps, then he got tired and waved me by on this one-

Pocono East 5/17/08 Rearcam from dan cheung on Vimeo

a lap chasing down a carrot..

pocono east buttcam from dan cheung on Vimeo.

if you ride, getting on the track is a must if you haven't!

i need to get back behind the wheel soon! devens with jay next sunday.. looking forward to it! and wtf happened at NYR?? glad i wasn't there.


Jay said...

looks like you had fun..we had nice weather at Devens too, I have 27, yes 27 log files from the test and tune!!!!!!!!!!!!!!hahahahahahaha

Anonymous said...

holy fucking batman, we had 3 fucking run at NYR TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! worst autox ever!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Three runs? Inquiring minds want to know.....

Anonymous said...

timing problem sucks! morning reg sucks! rain sucks! novice DNF sucks!

wish i was home doing the dishes at one point? LOL

never going there again!!!

Hugo said...


dan said...

what a cluster.. i'm sure everyone does. nyr was running so well with him at the helm.

MarkV said...

Awesome footage there Dan!

I still say you should have went to Devens instead. I may be a little bit biased, but how can you pass up a 70 MPH slalom? OK, I'm very biased; a 70 MPH slalom in a Camaro is an experience that should never be missed.

Thank you everyone for the sentiment regarding NYR; it really is touching. From what I've heard, three runs and a lack of leadership makes for a very frustrating day. When you choose to wash dishes instead of go racing, then that speaks volumes about the quality of the event.

I still firmly believe that if the club which YOU are a member DOES NOT support the events you are interested in or does a poor job of putting those events on, YOU should VOTE WITH YOUR WALLET and take your hard earned money ELSEWHERE.