Monday, May 26, 2008

Boston BMWCCA Autox

So I was really hoping for Dan and I to do a warmup event this last weekend. Unfortunately Dan didn't get in to the event so I ran myself. Typically there is a good DSP contingent (Mike Shields, Chris Franson, Alex Shipkov sp?? & now Nate Whipple) at these events and Steve Hazard finally had his BSP M3 back in action. The courses are typically a blast.

I managed to raw time the DSP guys, but I am quite sure they nailed me in PAX. They are a tough group to get past up there.

As for the car, I am really pleased with the new damper setup, diffs and hoosiers. The car has lost a couple of bad traits from last year and is just sick on corner exits.

Here's some video of my fast morning and afternoon runs.

Run 4

Run 8

I have some MaxQ data from the event, as soon as I find a decent way to present it I'll post up some stuff. If anyone (Mike & Chris!) would like to exchange data I'd love to see it. I can be reached at


1 comment:

dan said...

damn! looked like a fun course.

in lieu of autoxing on sunday.. i confirmed my golf game still sucks.