Thursday, June 12, 2008

devens vids

here's my perspective (dan) from devens:

saturday was a little tough getting up to speed. chris and i were both trying to adapt to the car in 3 runs. we were shaving big time run after run. by the 3rd run, we were pretty close. i was .13 sec off chris who was about .2 off jay's best from earlier in the day. (chris and i were in 2,3 behind don in his mazdaspeed miata on saturday)

by sunday, we had the 1,2 position overall after 2 runs. thinking we could really go balls to the wall (on the more evo 'friendly' course) on the last run chris put down a great time and i choked and drove like poo. little did i know that while i was on course, don would drive his heart out and find another second on this last run!! wow!! we thought ed and don had squeezed all they had out of that little miata!

great driving by matt d. too. congrats on the trophy.

big thanks to jay and the carris duo.. i show up with a helmet and get a badass car and a great time!

chris and i owe huge thanks to jay. he gave up his spot in bsp for chris and i which put him up against the best in our sport. as i said to him all weekend.. nothing to lose, so much to gain. it didn't happen this time but there's always the next event! daddio also mounted up sticker hoosiers up front for the event whereas we were on 40+ run hoosiers that many would have tossed. had we mounted up a fresh set, who knows what would've happened.

so final results were BSP:
1st- don
2nd- chris
3rd- dan
4th- matt

1st- daddio
2nd- jay
3rd- pj

as expected, corey walked away with stu, but our man iman held a strong lead in 2nd place over jake in 3rd. killer driving by diana (codriving hugo's evo) on sunday who unfortunately coned her runs on saturday. she was 2nd ftd on sunday in class in a car she's never driven!

on to the vids:

Saturday onboard:








shinronin said...

hey dan, i think it's fascinating how each of you did slightly better in sections of sunday's course. traqmate's new ultimate lap feature would really be illuminating there.

speaking of... i assume you guys had maxq onboard? any analysis coming up? :)


dan said...

hey doug,

that involves work! and life is getting in the way! i don't know how i hit nearly every nnjr event last year when i've only been to one in '08 so far.

jay and chris have all the data.. i'll get my hands on it and see what i can come up with.

we did check saturday's data that night and chris and i had a give and take on our fast runs.. i was faster in, he was faster out. pretty cool to see. chris saw that he was more hamfisted through the slaloms which did the trick. i had smoother g curves which didn't equate to fast section times. need faster hands!

but all in all, chris and jay are much better drivers than me and i need to up my game.


Chris said...

Damn, holunfie at it's best! Nice driving guys... See you in DC!


Jay said...

At it's best???? I can think of many other weekends that were better. Hopefully DC proves a little more fruitful.


Jay said...

You know, I was thinking about my comment above and came to realize it was a bit negative. For myself I didn't think I drove all that well and that's my source for being sour.

The flip side is that holunfie really seems to be expanding. There are more people (to my and Dan's surprise) who want to rock our vinyl. Now, we aren't just about going fast or trying to be the fastest. What we are really about at the core is an extended family who like to have fun. This weekend really showed that with a packed hotel room and shared cars. For me what really makes the weekends enjoyable is seeing friends, having fun and laughing, especially at Hugo!!!


Anonymous said...

we do the same behind ur back, LOL