Wednesday, July 9, 2008


If anyone is interested, the stu evo is for sale

2006 EVO IX 15k Miles
Stored indoor only driven for autox, never seen winter

Car is setup to be very competive in STU, paxed 3rd out of 250 in the 08 dc pro 2/10th behind coreys evo.

ECU custom tune by TT (280whp & 271wtq) dynojet
k&n filter
defi gauges
6.5" DVD navi
teins ra coilover
rear sway bar
dunlop tires
volks wheels
full 3" exhuast with 300 cell cat, also have a brand new 100 cel cat if needed
racing seat & harness

KBB for the stock car is $26,695, looking in that range depends on what other spare part u want with it.
Car is ready for NT and prosolo, no adjustment needed

also have a lot of spares (rims, springs, bumper, sway bar...ect), too much to list. come check it out at the next autox if interested.


Chris said...

Oh man Hugo! Just don't tell me that you're selling the EVO to get a minivan?!?

Anonymous said...

Minivan? maybe for my wife, LOL

dan said...

this is a turn-key package for any prospective buyer. sick car, setup is dialed! somebody local please jump on it so we keep it in the family!

Anonymous said...

Oh come on Hugo! Why are you getting rid of it? If my bro could get rid of his GTO I bet he would cop it. Ill mention it to him.
Anyway I guess this is for the best cause EVO's suck!

STi 4 Life...

Iman C.

Hugo said...

Do they let F125 run at warmester? hint hint...

AutoX4u said...

yes they do

dan said...

hugo, are you ready for salmons shaped like gj's breastsss in a shifter?

Jay said...

damn Hugo.

Simmons-Racing said...

Good luck with the sale. I think we should all buy shifter Karts for next year. I Auto-crossed a shifter Kart 3 times, and it was Sick.


Jay said...

You were sick?? were you still drunk?

Char said...

what's going on? Adil's selling his Evo too.

I guess it's a good time for me to jump to STU and get all the parts for cheap :D