Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Nationals Test & Tune Video

We managed to take some video of our afternoon test and tune runs. These courses were just modified ProSolo Finale courses. Very simple and straight forward. Weather was overcast in the 60's. Grip level was so-so. My car tends to feel great in these conditions, but then gets worse when it gets hotter. More on that with our Nationals video.

Something we found out about driving style is Dan still thinks he's in an STi. He goes out through all the offsets and the rear end is crazy. The moment he gets offline the car is backwards and we are staring at a couple hundred $$ in A6's. I drive afterward and the car was fine for me. What gives? Dan was lifting hard and turning in at the same time to get the evo to rotate. Totally necessary in his STi, not so in the evo. He goes out after we discuss this and also make a rear rebound adjustment and Dan runs a 28.8 to my 29.0! Needless to say we were quite happy about that as the car felt good and times were also good in comparison to others we saw.

Here's Dan's spin run, my 29.0 and his 28.8. Notice how "slow" his 28.8 looks, but also how he is on point with his line. Tight everywhere he needs to be, this was kind of an eye opener to both of us.

Look for our Nationals video and writeup soon. We also have a time lapse vid of the drive home.

- Jay

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