Sunday, September 14, 2008

Fri/Sat - 1350 paranoid miles in the evo

So I thought (still think) there is something wrong with my car. I swapped a ton of parts recently and still think there is an issue. Oh well, Dan didn't think so. Based on that we made the decision to drive out to Topeka for Solo Nationals at HPT.

1350 miles. 56 gallons of gas. 22 hours of travel time. Swapping tires front to rear at Bob Evans in Ohio so they wouldn't cord the fronts! Catching zzz's in the passenger seat. Rocking ear plugs for at least 20 of those hours in the car. One cop in Bernardsville, NJ decided he didn't like Dan. Watching Dan's reaction to people in the middle of the country, priceless. So many things occurred in 22 hours, including being totally out of your mind. Weird and fun.

Ok,so here is Dan getting pulled over. Just to set the scene its like 12:45 AM, a little rainy and I'm trying to sleep in the passenger side, pillow from home and all. All of our gear is in the car, including tires.

We are cruising 70-75 in a 65. Dan gets lit up and we pull over. The cop is up to the car super fast, never ran the plates.

Cop: License and registration please. Do you know why I pulled you over?
Dan: (Dan hands him his license and PBA card, Thanks Tucker!).....uuhhhh....I was just cruising with traffic. (this is true)
Cop: Well you were swerving through lanes and have a loud muffler.
Cop: How is your record?
Dan: Perfect.
Cop: Have you guys been drinking tonight?
Us: No.
Cop: Why is your spare tire in the back seat?
Jay: They are competition tires.
Cop: Have a good night.

This guy is gone with the quickness. He was so hyped and talking damn fast. Weird. I think he was expecting kids in the evo with all these stickers. Too bad he found 2 old (30) guys that still had 20 hours of driving ahead.

Then we had a quick stop in PA for some snacks and gas. No gas but we pee'd and got food. Mind you it must be 2 AM at this point. So Dan's looking at some chips and this guy comes over with a mop bucket. He HAD to mop the floor were Dan was standing at that very point in time. Remember it's 2 AM. We paid and left...quickly.

This is not an easy trip. Thankfully we caught up with the Carris' for dinner at the Blind Tiger Brewery and then passed out. I haven't had that much continuous sleep in a long time...something like 11+ hours. Phenomenal.

Tomorrow (well today, but we're behind on updates) is the test and tune. Video will be up after we get back. Sorry guys, I forgot my cable for the camera.


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