Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Jay got on the podium!!

Oh crap, I never got to congratulate Jay for making it count when it matters and coming in 2nd in BSP at Nationals! Tom Berry is a multi-national champion with years of experience. We were also surprised to hear that Aaron Miller has been going to Nats for the past 14 yrs so the competition was not easy. Our car is down on power compared to the 9's but Jay was able to take advantage of the kickass handling, put on the pressure, and drive his heart out to impress us all.

HUGE congrats to Jay and HUGE thanks for letting me warm the tires.

You will most likely see us back to Topeka next year looking for even better results!

Thanks Tucker for the PBA card. We'll have to tell you that story in person. I'll let you think you're faster at Stillwell for the next ride.


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