Tuesday, June 12, 2007

what do you do when you have a bad weekend autoxing?

you take monday off... mountain bike with a fellow autoxer (tucker) til you hurt, then you take another holunfie'r (billy) and his wife out fishing til your arms fall off.

i'll post my recount of STU sometime later. off fishing again tonight!

some pics:

nyr/holunfie compound

all riced out

kev doing his ben spies impression

as far as the eye can see! fast course..

lined up in size order. haha.
l-r: AS-man, paxman, slowman, chinaman

pax man

pax car

haulin ass home. valera is a nut. he's off in the distance doing 100mph and aaron and i are trying to catch up.



Christopher said...

Maybe I should take up fishing after today's NNJR event.

MISOSlo Racing (4 real yo!)

Jay said...

or not...when things really suck is when you have to sit down and take a hard look at your driving, car setup, etc..