Saturday, June 16, 2007

DC ProSolo Homework

For all you Prosolo noob's going this coming weekend I thought I might put together a small writeup of a few things to read up on. The prosolo format is almost totally unique and will probably feel a little overwhelming for you guys who have never attended any national level events.

That said I think it was the most fun we had autoxing ALL year in 2006. Great site, awesome host region, sick hotel.

I noticed the Quickstart program was missing from the schedule, here's an answer:
You DEF do NOT want to miss it. Extra practice starts with coaching, great explanation of how the events work, etc.. Andy Hollis replied, the program will start at 1:30pm. If you want to do your practice starts with race tires on make sure your arrive early. You don't have to get the car tech'd before practice starts, so it's just emptying the car and changing tires.

Here's the link to all general info about the event:

Weather for Hyattsville, MD:

Hotel where most of holunfie is at:

Directions to Fedex Field:;jsessionid=KKLKJNABPAAD

Here's the link for ProSolo Rules:

These are the sections you'll want to read up on:

Section 20.9, yes you'll have to put on all these stickers, they peel off easy though, I think there are 3 you have to pay for, total cost is $5.

Section 20.10 C, D, E, G, I, J, K, while most of it will sound a little confusing I think it will help you pick up on the info at the Quickstart program Friday. It's just helpful to read since you'll work twice Sat and also run twice, there are restrictions on when/what you can adjust the car, running with the same partner throughout heats, changing grid positions based on class order, etc...

Dan if you have anything to add to this please do!

uh- bring your bulletproof vest if you take a wrong turn? and don't pay attention to the pimp dropping off the ho at 7am behind the 7/11. oh yeah and don't be alarmed at the bulletproof ice cream truck. looks scary but the guy is nice and has cold ice cream. it tastes better when you bet jay who's quicker on the practice launches and the ice cream is on him.

great info jay..


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