Monday, June 25, 2007

dc pro

yep, we're back from dc. jay and crew should post a recap. i will be soon. congrats to all the trophy winners! jay, kev, jan, jeff, mark, corey and adil and anyone else i missed. jay especially made holunfie proud with an 8th overall index time and BSP win. this is against the best in the country.

i think we also got a few more people hooked on prosolo!

i am not in good shape. after consecutive weeks of little sleep, a chilly 64 degree hotel room on friday, combined with the intense heat and schedule over the weekend, my body pretty much shut down by sunday and i couldn't even concentrate at the tree. it's summer and i think i have the flu! with a poor showing and crappy health, i still enjoyed our favorite event of the year.

despite feeling like total crap, i made the 5a wakeup today and hopped on my flight to rochester. i toughed out the 6 hr drive home in the rally vehicle. priorities!

more later



Char said...

That's hardcore dan, when's the first event for the RS?

Congrats to the trophy winners!

Steguis said...

Wow Dan! Now that's dedication. Hope you feel better in time for the divisionals :)

dan said...

thanks.. it is the flu. couple coworkers had the same happen to them over the weekend. fever, congestion.. what crappy timing!

first rallyx is this sunday up in monticello! car is getting dropped off to the shop and the skidplates are going in tomorrow

wrx_junki said...


definitely want to watch some vids of the rallyx.