Saturday, June 2, 2007

bmwclub @ nassau june 2nd

kev, jan, aaron, and i put in some seat time with bmwclub before heading up to the devens tour this friday. we all trophied and kev laid down FTD... back to his usual self on fresh 710's! jan finally is connecting with his car, aaron is discovering the beauty of race tires, and i managed to keep a substantial lead in the street tire class.

gj helped design a course that rewarded patience in big offsets, which i'm sure bit a majority of the drivers today. also getting on the throttle very early before the 90 degree left hander in the back right section of the course paid huge dividends. a brake stab here or there to set the car before some elements did the trick to maintain momentum.

here's my best run.. 52.7 (please excuse the squeaky seat bracket!)

nassau always entices me to drive it rally style! countersteering with foot to floor always puts a smile on my face. if this were a drift event, i could've put a little more angle into it but i did have to keep the times down! the large bumps also add an interesting twist. it's a little tough to see with your eyes bouncing around your head.

hope you enjoyed the drive. i sure did!



kijun said...

Nice driving Dan, I had the 06 blue WRX. Was my first time out so I was busy learning. Hopefully I'll meet you at the next event.

dan said...

thanks kijun. you're always welcome to hop in for a ride next time.

William said...

Wow, it is so good to have your video. Thanks a lot!

It is like seeing the model test answer after I f'up a test. There's still a lot for me to pick up. I absolutely need more seat time.


dan said...

haha thanks william. in-car is a GREAT tool. i watch mine all the time and see where i can improve.

as long as you're thinking of what you're doing, you'll keep improving.