Monday, April 21, 2008

my '99 civic hatch for sale

finally putting her up for sale.

1999 ek hatch.
only 39k miles.
zero rust
complete b20vtec (endyn rods&pistons)
b16 longblock
rce 310cc and 370cc injectors (depending on config)
hondata stage 2 AND stage 4 w/ software and programmer (2 ecu's)
'99 b16 tranny with quaife lsd
clutchmasters stage 3 clutch
clutchmasters aluminum lightweight flywheel
j&s safeguard (knock protection)
tein ha coilovers
suspension techniques swaybars
jdm 4-1 header with fastline skidplate
itr cams
fastbrakes 11.3" front brakes
autopower rollbar with removable bolt-in x-brace/harness bar
3" harnesses
rota spoon replica wheels
del sol seats
sparco suede wheel
etc etc.

not running at the moment.. ideally i'd swap the b16 back in but no time to work on it. chassis/body is near perfect condition!

kbb is $6k for a stock '99. i'll let this go for $4500 obo. this would part out for much more but i don't have the time.

i was holding on to this car for the longest time because of my love for it but i've got other priorities.. this is a steal for someone that's willing to roll their sleeves up!



R.Tatis said...

and she's now in my hands..muwahahahahahahahah.

thnx Dan!

dan said...

couldn't have gone to a better buyer. enjoy rad!