Thursday, April 3, 2008

3-29 NNJR SCCA T&T it was a weird day for me having Dan in the car. In the end it was cool and all he did was hit cones. 15 of 'em. That's almost a 2 cone per run average. I wasn't much of a slouch either and had a couple nasty center punches, seems I'm getting good at those.

Anyhow onto the video.

Here's Dan's run 4

Dan get's a little commentary from SIMMONZ...

Here's my 2nd run, got a little crazy in the back section, Dan later told me he thought we were gonna make friends with the fence, thankfully my right foot kept us cool...ha

Here's FTD for the day

As in 2007 it was tons of fun having part of the Philly crew up for an early season shakedown. Some of the offseason changes to the evo feel good, can't wait to get the hoosiers mounted.



dan said...

lol. those aint no street tires!!!

i forgot what real grip is.. and these are the crappy tires!

Chris said...

Man I'm slow... Nice runs guys.