Sunday, February 10, 2008

NER RallyX 1-27-08

So I was lucky enough to have my brother in-law Richie P offer me a codrive in his '06 Sti for the NER RallyX at Stafford Springs. I was a little hesitant as he's still making payments, but oh well it was alot of fun. I wasn't quite sure how the autox skills would translate, turns out they were a perfect fit along with totally necessary (IMO) left foot braking.

In the end Richie dug himself out of a 12th place hole in the morning due to a spin and came up to 7th of 22 cars. In the morning I had a 4 secondish lead on PSG'r Matt Gleiner which meant a couple cones, spin or DNF could have been disaster in the afternoon. We both held tight on the afternoon skating rink and avoided the triple sow cow and stayed 1 & 2 for the class.

Results for the sunday event can be seen here:

All 3 event results:

Here's some in-car video:



Tons of Pics and Vids can be found in these 2 threads:

Big thanks to Richie for the fun day and NER for putting on a great event. Also thank you's to Dan for the setup info and Matt Gleiner for posting Saturday pics. Because of that pic of the snowy field I brought boots to keep my tootsies warm! hahahahaa Congrats to Matt for his National win in SA!

I also have to say I was pretty impressed with the CTSubie crew for not only getting a ton of people out to the event (and most were driving!) but they managed to pull off an early morning caravan and arrive on time.

ok, time for the stall story......gee I wonder what Jay and Richie are looking at....

So this corner was damn slow, I got greedy and wanted to drop to 1st. Well I don't normally LFB so I fully geeked the downshift and had my left foot firmly planted on the brake and not the clutch. Then we stopped and it stalled. So in the video of my run when the camera turns off/on...well I had to restart the car and start cursing alot :)


Char said...


You're lucky I was out of the country or else my RS with Blizzaks and (very important) Rally Armor mud flaps would've creamed you.

dan said...

yep jay and big dick got bit by the rallyx bug!

mitsu beat suby on dirt? haha. not a chance!

Char said...

wow... only one Evo?... bad show... jay was your BSP Evo too precious to set foot on dirt?

man too many months have gone by without my hitting a cone :-(

ok back to work...

Jay said... car is once again hampered by ohlins...

but seriously my car's in pieces, and thats some good sh*t talking char, gonna come play in SP?

this rallyx thing was fun as hell!

Char said...

I'll leave SP to the lesser endowed guys with their high horsepower cars hahaaa!

what's the next rallyx that's within 100 miles?

Char said...

jay when are you putting your car back together? if you need a hand on a weekend give me a holler... as long as you have a space heater!

Jay said...

space heater?? you pussy hahahahahaha

Thanks for the offer though. I don't have a ton of work to do, just a little refresher on the suspension. Gotta love fresh lube!!!yummy

Rich said...

yep jay and big dick got bit by the rallyx bug!
I'm not that big!!!