Tuesday, February 5, 2008


the sti is officially sold!

joe had to be a wiseass and pay me over 20g's in twenties, fiddies, and hundies!

come pick up the rest of your parts, wiseass! i need to make room!

so the s2k got some love.. thanks davizzle!

the most expensive front swaybar EVER is on order too from bill gendron @ smallfortune racing. the stupid bar cost me a small fortune!

that's it. i need to find some wheels and stickies and i'm done. the s2k was supposed to be just for 'fun' but i couldn't resist.

after some troubleshooting, parts swapping, and CEL clearing, the 2.5rs to ready to be bashed through the woods of vermont in 2 weekends! woohoo!!



Char said...

So you're going all out in AS huh? I liiike!

BTW did Carris family trade up their STi?

dan said...

not quite all-out but it will be a decent setup. undecided on tires and the koni revalve. depends on budget. BSP will be the main priority.

and yes, the carris ride is now a hatchie!

Jay said...

Holunfie is looking to kick ass for '08!

Anonymous said...

Yo Dan

Congrats on the sale. Hit me up on msn ricetoaster@hotmail.com, I got hookup on wheels.