Tuesday, July 10, 2007

nedivs @ warminster

a bunch of us were down in warminster this weekend for nedivs, just north of philly. smaller nyr crew this time around.. no contingency money, entries that looked like a local event.. no real draw for the rest of holunfie to make the trip down. i went because perry and i could have some fun, and the philly guys are a great bunch. so it was markV and lisa, mike choi, jan, steguis, and i that made it down. i forgot how the results shook out but mark, jan, and steve all trophied, and even i trophied in 7th place since the STU field was so large! that was the crappiest trophy to walk up and get!

congrats to GJ for killing it in SM and winning top overall pax in travis' civic. sick drive.

perry's best runs from both days:

lesson learned this weekend- do NOT try hardware changes at big events! LOL. i'm still looking for that extra bit of steady state rotation.. and i took a big step backward this weekend. i installed an adjustable whiteline rear sway bar (to be paired with the whiteline 29mm front bar) hoping it would do the trick. easy install, theoretically should work.. no biggie. that paired with a new set of 17x9 wheels and i was hoping that was the ticket.

big mistake. saturday, the car was immediately snap oversteering under power on my first run, and we slowly dialed it back after each subsequent run by dropping rear damping and tire pressures. perry had the advantage of being the 2nd driver (never again!). the car was still a handful, and patience on the throttle was what it took to keep the tail in line. the one major strength of the sti (putting the power down) and we couldn't take advantage of it.

of course stupid me being the optimist, didn't bring down the stock rear swaybar in case the hardware change didn't work. dialed the rear bar down for sunday to the 22mm setting (from 24mm), and the car tamed down, but didn't have the 'feel' of before.

perry, being the kickass driver he is, was able to pull off a 2nd place overall with a not so great setup. i lost all confidence in the car and coned away all of saturday and was off the pace sunday.

it's funny how a single component change (tires) can greatly alter the balance of the car. when i had the re070's, i felt as if the setup was near perfect.. the neovas added so much rear grip to the car and i'm still seeking THE hot setup.

at least i'm know what works and what doesn't, but unfortunately finding out during big events that whatever i'm doing is not working.

i have a few ideas.. calling tein for some 12k rear springs today and ditching the whiteline rear. strano 32mm front may be going back in as well.

in-car and data up soon. i'm going to compare old and new setups on the data to see what, if anything has changed in terms of lateral g..

i hope i get it sorted before the romulus pro! maybe i should go back to my 2006 setup and be done with it!



Richie said...

Is the rear bar for sale?
If so, how big is it and how much?
.....That sounds bad, sorry.

dan said...

whiteline 22-26mm adjustable bar..

haha, i'll be glad to sell it.. i'm giving it one last chance at etown tomorrow. i have some rideheight adjustments to try tomorrow to see if i can tame it down.

if i don't like it, you can have it cheap!

Richie said...

Cool, I think it would work better for me with my conservative suspension.

Richie said...

So with a 2nd place finish can I assume you are keeping it?

dan said...

ha, etown is a strange place. my car was working for me there. i also adjusted my throttle inputs a little so i gave it up a bit on the corner exit, but the car is balanced elsewhere. give or take. i dunno yet. the bar will probably come off anyway with stiffer rear springs to better balance the car with no snap tendencies..

no video or data from this weekend. was focused on getting my head back in the game.