Thursday, July 19, 2007

7.14 @etown

maybe it's the small courses that agree with my driving and setup, but my head was back in the game at the last nnjr event. 2-tenths behind perry driving adil's evo. we placed 2nd and 3rd in pax. ultra-fast vern lyle in FM took the lead.

i left the setup unchanged since the nedivs, with the intention of dropping rear ride height to get it planted more. however, as i was about to make the change, i realized the rear tires were rubbing with the new wheel offset, and decided against it. so i left it as-is.

looks like no inside rear wheel lift with the whiteline adjustable rear bar. 10kg/mm is looks to be enough spring to keep it down. i have to pause a bit when getting on the throttle but time is made elsewhere on the course with better balance. give and take i guess. i still don't like the snap tendencies of the rear bar so it will probably be coming off anyway with some 12kg/mm springs to get it to where i want.

although i added some weight with the 5zigen 17x9 wheels.. the yokohama neovas no longer get as greasy which is a huge plus. they used to be a one shot deal when on the stockers.

now that i've had some seat time getting adjusted to this setup, i'm curious to see how it feels at the finger lakes pro this weekend. my poor clutch is starting to show signs of 40k miles of abuse so i may have to baby it a little. or not. haha


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Anonymous said...

That's me hanging on for dear life in the passenger seat (in the picture). Thanks again Dan for letting me ride along. I definetely learned a lot.