Thursday, April 26, 2007

shakedown day on 40/60 center diff and new dampers

Finally managed to get my own car out this year, so I figured Devens is a great place for testing. Car ran well as expected, but I still got whooped by a fast SS car who I am normally very close to....not so happy.

Good news is the 40/60 center diff helps on corner exit, maybe a little more subtle than I like, but the rear had tons of grip. The Tein Super Racing coilovers seem to be a nice package. Only issue I ran into was lack of front droop travel. The Devens site is so grippy I was losing traction on my inside front and getting wheelspin.

If you listen in the video you can hear the car hit the rev limiter go silent and then hit it again before shifting to 3rd at the 180 turnaround.

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