Wednesday, April 25, 2007

the glen in the 4g

i was just up at the glen driving the 4g.. team woozy's b16 powered ef civic. koni spss, wilwoods, lsd tranny, rosner racing roll cage..

the 4g started out as a $100 purchase that turned into a kickass track toy.

as luck would have it, one of the 16 year old rear control arm bushings took a crap as we were getting comfortable in the car. we did get some time to dial it in though. ryan and i both pulled times in the 2:25 range with lots of time out there.

the 4g is definitely a spec miata killer.. now to get it to take down kb's old m3 will take some work. nothing we can't do with some time and $$.. right ryan? haha.



Anonymous said...

Nice job at the Glen, way to walk down the Miata. Site is sweet, exept for the white guy holding crotch. Good luck.
Holunfie FTW

dan said...

thanks richie. jay is proud of that pic.

Anonymous said...

Hope you can give me some advice.
I'm ready to do a mild suspension upgrade, pretty much your winter set up. I'm torn between JDM pinks and RCE "yellows". I know you and Miles are best friends so this may sway your opinion. Spring rates on pinks are 257fr/217rear. I e-mailed rce to try to find their rates and all they sent me back was "about 25% stiffer than pinks." Not much help, although they did say extra attention was given to the rear to make the car more "neutral", whatever that means. What do you think? Regardless of warranty, that will be up someday. Thaks for staying w/this one.

dan said...

the pinks are sti designed to work with your oem shocks.. i'd just stick with pinks. you probably can't go wrong either way. my dealer warrantied my rear blown shocks with the pinks on!