Saturday, August 7, 2010


^took this pic today first thing in the morning. eibach pro-kit springs which lower the car approximately 1" all around damped by OTS koni yellows. i have the custom hollow gendron front bar(nearly 35mm!) which helped with roll stiffness but the springs were just too soft (i believe in the 250-300 lb/in range). even so, the car was so well balanced at the last msne autox and it was such a pleasure to drive. despite a fun car, i was still left looking for more. it was just too slow transitionally to be competitive.

here's the solution..

...a set of moton clubsports i was able to find at a great price off the s2ki forums. it didn't hurt that they belonged to 'stinkytofu', a fast west coast driver that has set some time attack records and worked closely with evasive motorsports on the development of his setup. i think a fast track setup will be a good baseline to a good handling autox car (except for the alignment).

i recently had a j's racing 'camber joint' installed to be able to get within the front camber range i want.. in the neighborhood of 2.7-3 degrees negative.

it's an offset lower balljoint replacement that has an added benefit of widening the front track a hair.

i didn't snap too many shots since i was busy turning the wrenches but i did take a couple.

i'm going to give stinky's out of the box setup a try and see how i like it. ride heights are very low.. bottomed out on a speedbump low! 1000 lb/in springs all around.. it's actually pretty damn comfortable on the street despite the high springrates. the best part is the car just plain feels amazing.

i was too tired to measure the toe and camber changes but i'm also giving myself a couple of days to determine if the ride height is too low.

more to come..



Chris said...

Cool setup. I like your new wheels. Did you have to roll the fenders?

dan said...

thanks chris.. i don't think it's absolutely necessary but i'll roll the fronts just in case. when it was slammed the front tires showed the slightest contact. i ended up raising the car about 1/2" for the first autox. i'm going to bring it back down again since i got zero rub at the event and on the street.