Thursday, July 29, 2010

back in the game

i've been out of the autox scene for a while but the bug has bitten again! supermoto is WAY more fun but turning a steering wheel at speed is still something i can't live without.

in the past few years, our local tri-state autox sites have been deteriorating to less than stellar condition (which was an advantage for us with awd cars!). however, the newly paved meadowlands lot finally brings us a national level worthy site within a stone's throw from nyc.

i've only attended 2 events all year with a 'fun' decently balanced but no-grip setup. i enjoy driving but i always have the desire to win. s2000 platform + killer local site + itch to race is good enough incentive for me to put some effort into the car to see what i can accomplish. i won't go all out with a build to the limits but i want to maximize what i'm working with. my focus will be on suspension/chassis setup.

stock class requires transporting race tires and burning through hoosier crack with a less than ideal setup. now with the relatively new class for 2 seaters.. STR.. fun mods, building a car that works, and no tire changing? no brainer!

first order of business.. wheels and tires. hankook rs3's, the new hot street tire and 17x9 949 racing 6ulr's ideal for STR.

the pic above was taken with the car on stock springs (on koni yellows). we'll address that in a little bit.

stay tuned


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