Saturday, July 18, 2009

7-11-09 NNJR SCCA (or the benchmark version 2)

Photo: Courtesy of Steve Wasp

So I was excited to run this event. Not only was there no pressure but it was held on the old NNJR lot. This is the place where it really all started for Kevin, Dan and I in the Civics. Can't forget Ed Morfe in his A4. We would battle constantly. There was no consistency. One guy would win one week and get crushed the next. That was probably 6 or 7 years ago at this point.

Well after I get through tech Mr. Uber Car Whore (PA :P) asks me if I want a co-drive. Typically I say no. This time it was Pat Salerno. That's a tough one to turn down.

Anyone who read my DOTM on the Autox4u site may remember that he and Junior are 2 drivers I looked up to (and still do). Pat has also been one of my raw/PAX benchmarks at National events for several years now. He's in a very fast, well setup car and has been for a while. That's the best kind of benchmark.

So we proceed to swap runs and just have a good time. We both noted the lack of grip. The lot was very dirty in spots and the car is way too stiff for that site. Pat never did get down to my time, but was very close. Did I mention I don't think there was a clean run in this car all day? It was very cool watching Pat drive. He's alot like Corey R., but more aggressive and amped up. I could tell he was a LFB guy the moment he started driving. Very precise and controlled. A bit of contrast to my style of tossing the car.

Here's our fast videos from morning runs and a couple side view shots of my afternoon runs. Also corded the front tires in the afternoon. 34 runs sucks. Thankfully I've got another set coming from Hoosier and some input to help them last longer. I <3>


Chris said...

I envy how close you are to the cones... Awesome driving from the both of you!

dan said...

balance looks much improved.. rear end breakaway is nice and progressive. easier to drive at limits now? good stuff.